Ultra street fighter 4 video thread



2nd round perfect

fastest 2 rounds with gouken


I would like to post a FT10 set I had vs IND OMH.
Gouken vs Oni. I hope you enjoy it, he’s a really nice guy!
Also I love the Titles!

Teacher vs Head of the Class :smiley:


Really nice vids. Please keep them coming.


this first round from shiine made me smile


a couple strawberry clips vs seth






The critique thread seems dead so I’m posting this here. Feel free to bash away (and sub my page, please!). Thanks fellow Gouken’ers.


jab reset to ex iat beats armor dash punch out of the corner to win the match —aka stylin

vs top 20 ken

stylin- slide kara fb’s like a MF(still dont got those yet?)


That rog fight was nice, dude! I’m horrible vs rog.


That IAT was sick.

That’s your signature move these days. LOL.



^^^. Lol. This is too epic.


What the video doesn’t show is all the super star reversal mashers that Proud got blasted across the room by. It’s kind of weird, but sometimes I do better against high ranked players because they don’t just throw shit out there for no reason or because there’s a little pressure.



Hey all ----- You want crazy comebacks? Just use ANY of these 100% health depleting 1-reset-combos, ALL of which require minimal Ex-meter (most often just 0.5 bars), and work on THE ENTIRE CAST.

I’ve created a Guide on youtube that runs through the entire cast, and how to kill ANYBODY with just 1 reset and barely any meter. Have fun!


after i beat you in ranked you wanted a ft5 cool just like what happened in AE
this time I picked gat at the end cause i was looking for a challenge, my sagat is like sf2ce dont play him much…the commentary makes you sound like you make excuses all day…me I play the way I want to catch guys like yuo slippin…ahahahahahahaha…if i played more patiently you wouldnt have a chance…oooooh thems fighting words…it was funny listening to the denial in your voice the whole set…btw Ive takinflight on dat ass plenty of times in ranked and in AE i took that ft5 +2…thanks for puttin me in the spotlight tho one love



Hahahahahahahaahhaah, that’s priceless!!!


no but im the scrub…lol…whatever he says goes right …i mean if he says Im mad and i picked sagat then thats the world he creates for his fans and they buy into it…lol
he intended to pick me apart in analysis after the fight which took place about a week ago, but looks like he still didnt know I was only playing auto pilot cause I didnt feel any need to play differently…now if it was john choi or fchamp or an active tourney player I would have stayed back a bit and played more patiently…but a retired ryan gootecks is no less an online warrior than takinflight in this example


Ya, it was funny to hear him talk shit about you not timing flip kicks as a safe jump but being all pissed that his reversals were being stuffed. Does he just not know that we’ve been doing that for years? “Gouken shouldn’t be able to do that!” Lol


The weird part to me is that he accused you of both playing random and playing flow chart just seconds apart.