Ultra street fighter 4 video thread



im no tthe most skilled blacksmith in the shire but damn hes hilarious with all the excusery! thats a new word now…excusery


Great video, thanks for taking the time. Videos like this and BlackToof’s tutorial really help out.


i thought it was different vids for eac h thread not the same shit lol …nbice vid tho


I died with that Gootecks video
there are consequences to your actions takin flight LOL




consequences? I didnt finish with gouken I switched to gat for fun, didnt know he was gonna post it, didnt know everyone would think i was playing my hardest against him, beat him in the past took his rose out in this set a couple times and had no issue doing it in ranked several times before…

why would he a "spotlight " player although a retired tourney guy feel the imperative need to put me on blast if HE didnt have a chip on his shoulder, using all his exposure to put a scrub like me on the front page…8k views lol to feed his ego bro bottom line…!

at the end he says " I wish you would have stuck with gouken" caus he knew he cant take credit for beating my gouken with his best character, which he switched to after I was working his thawk with the SAME shit over and over, I took the sense of victory from him , you can see it on his face…i havent used sagat seriously since sf2ce!!! or ex3 plus alpha lolololol!

everyones comments after on his channel show all they want to do is ride dick and be his fluffers…

i didnt post the ft5 to get any credit I wanted to show how much of a pretentious little prick he sounds like excusing his own poor play and contradicting himself with his comments about me…

he even said he was salty I beat him in ranked, he also said things like " it sucks losing with full super to a guy who just does WHAT HE WANTS" key words vs HIS rose,

in the end tho no hard critiquing no credit for my reads just blasted for playing auto pilot, I made him switch to his main and in the final fight I alted so what does that say? If you listen closely in the end of the vid he mentions how “tough” it was to play my gouken which I was only flying at half mast bro.


heh TF, the “consequences” thing was something gooteks said as he waited for you to return to earth from a roflcopter.


Oh ok i got you, sorry for the confusion…what happens was i missed an ex tatsu …well actually I though I had meter for an extatsu and to my dismay I didn’t , it was the right read but under the wrong pretense’s…

i found it both comical then a little irritating to hear him cause he KNOWs I can and have beat him plenty of times

since I saw the vid yesterday in up to 3kpp and back up to 8kbp…ive needed that I guess to light a fire under my ass


yea, I was talking about the video. I could see gootecks looking calm but raging inside. lol
about your gameplay I think you take A LOT of big risks. I go hard or go home with the rushdown too but damn you’re all in all the time

artificeren sensei, I’ve been following you


oh god. my game recently has been crap. i left for a week and a half and now I can’t do shit.

I can’t imagine any of my recent battlelog uploads being too enlightening.

I DID tho have a great set against UncleDoyDoy’s Rose a few days ago. I meant to post it to the tubes, but by the time i remembered, they had already fallen off the end of the battlelog list.


I need to play more seriously overall I can see for sure in a ft5 cause its probably going upload soon lol


Just challenge the guy again and beat the shit out of him!!! Then tell him to post it and comment on it again!!!


i will lol…!


I think you def would have beat his T. Hawk if you would have just lamed him out more and played to your strength in the MU.

Whenever you play someone like Gootecks especially in a FT5 you have to assume that he’s going to upload it, b/c that’s what he does. lol.

It’ll be interesting to see if he takes you up on a rematch.


Here’s the thing. SF4 has the most impatient players out of any SF game I’ve ever played. So its very noticeable when someone goes nuts and just does whatever. This game has a ton of herp derp. And technically you did go auto-pilot on him, didn’t you?

Instead of focusing on what happened, challenge him to a rematch. And then play a slow, methodical Gouken. Just show him he was wrong.


no doubt. some days i can sit in a corner and hide there the whole match…this just wasnt one of those days.


these are all post gootecks: :0

top 40 or better DECAPRE

started off commited to the zoning game

look how close together fdash absorb and kongo can be used together

a nice comeback

he had a 15 game win streak when i rolled up


#18 chun li



Like my quest to fight bullcat in super , I recently tried the ol japan flag swap-aru, Proud has limited me to maybe 2 matches a day, had some in AE but kid erased them, ugh right>!!? I know…anyways hit the jump and peep the steez.

I sit back kinda on the first match to see if they are down with it and he played his game , no doubt took the first match…I have a " w" of my own as well.



Good Matches.

It seems you give up a little ground vs. zone happy Gouken, as I do as well sometimes b/c I get too impatient. But, I seem to get in easier by focusing through fireballs instead of the air approach.

When ever Gouken is throwing fireballs and you are just outside his range it’s pretty safe to focus and dash in. It only get’s risky when you are focusing in from a far and they throw cr. lk buffer to EX Tatsu out there after the fireball.

So I will normally focus the fireball and then fireball back, or focus the fireball and empty in. A lot of the time I try to empty into that grey area right above his head so if he tries to EX Tatsu he whiffs and if he tries to kongo he gets nothing. Just visually confirm the jump in and punish the back dash/or kongo accordingly.

Your approach works well for the mirror though.