Ultra street fighter 4 video thread



Oh. I just do chain jabs and os/block/bait/low Kongo/grab.

You can get true block strings, counter hit set ups, and everything else off of that.

But yeah cl st mp is the best option for counter hit set ups.




A set of Fights Me, KingBlackToof, vs MDZ IND Mudi
You know what I just noticed, I have more PP but am less ranked. Thanks Obama!



Just a collection of matches, would love feedback. I think I’m pretty lousy to be honest but my old school fundamentals get me by somehow. Though I’m not good at rushing down with Gouken too much and need to work on that. Still, I pride myself on at least staying grounded and trying not to “play dumb”.


haven’t been in this thread in a minute…Noriega Il peep yours out now…

heres a match from last night of mine


on the second mid air fb from akuma,kkongo dat shit so you can get out of the air fireball traps, saw you do it one time with your back in the corner where you kongo’d the first one…same thing will work on the second fireball too …just an observation.

…also when throwing up that angled fb, don’t wait for it to hit to react to a juggled opponent…you almost need to be dashing as soon as you let it off, be waiting for any of a FEW possible outcomes suck as dashing with ex tatsu ot dash in dj normals etc.,…oh and stop using mp fb to open the match, …

other than that you seem to have a handle on it…keep sharing


Cool, thanks. I’ll remember all of that for next time.

Just curious, what about my post did you “disagree” with? If you have insight please share. I’m looking to improve in any way possible, feel free to bash my skill.




Martinez I stumbled upon this and thought of your vid


Hey, my bad dude, There is nothing I disagree with. I do most of my reading here on my phone and must have hit disagree when. I was scrolling down the page. I had no idea I did that.


Good my friend!!!


No worries! In case you have some free time, check the vid out and let me know what you think. I always try to incorporate all feedback I get into my play. Thanks bro!


I can give a little feedback. I think the Dan match was the most insightful.

In round 1 it looked like you were just familiarizing yourself with the opponent.

In round 2 it looked like you decided on a comeback from the get-go, and that you were confident in it based on how Dan played in the previous round.

In round 3, it looks like the actual fight starts for you. You did a good job of being confident in pushing Dan out after his Tatsumaki kick early in the round, your anti-airs looked okay, but your ground-game didn’t.

At 5:49, Dan successfully jumps in to a threatening range, and you have no response. Dan jumps in once more and you fail to anti-air, block, and get thrown. You take another attack immediately upon your wake-up to another knock-down.

It looks like you wake up with crouching jab to LP Palm, twice in a row?

You land one of those LP Palms, and the rest of your game is anti-airs.

So you had no ground-game once Dan jumped past your fireballs at 5:49, at 5:55 you attempt something and fail, and at 6:00 you try to jump out of the corner and fail.

You need a ground-game, because real competition won’t jump in to your EX Tatsus like that.


@Norieaga‌ was finally able to see the videos. It seems that you are either afraid or don’t feel comfortable playing yet. You lack anti air, your opponents jump in for free almost every time (the only match you were almost on point was against Dan) you have to know what is punishable and go for max punish not sweep like you did almost 5 times. Against hugoyou felt shy of fireball. You have to throw fireballs a lot (that’s gouken gameplay) and you have to space fireball too. Don’t throw point blank fireball or in body in distance because they can jump in and hit you for max damage. Focus attack mid screen against Dan for what reason???
You need to AA more as I said before, don’t throw hado and walk back, keep a 3/4 distance from your opponent at the most because if you throw angled fireball you have to prepare yourself to follow it up with palm, and finally, buffer ex tatsu after a fireball just in case someone jumps in…


Yeah, I’m definitely not comfortable playing yet. I don’t think I’ve even played Gouken for a full 20 hours, hence I’m still quite new to the character. Plus, some things are not yet in my muscle memory. I definitely have to learn how to palm after an angled fireball, hopefully I’ll get used to it eventually.

I greatly appreciate the advice, dudes. Will post a new video soon of my progress!


after angled fireball just keep holding forward and if you can visually confirm the hit go to down, down forward punch.



peep 1st round victory, from inside Ryus ex tatsu I U1his ass! lol at about 30 seconds in

added a match vs Honda


Is that always possible?? You were getting hit, right?


apparently there is a gap where you can mash it in there, so ryus tatsu actually drops us and we can u1 out of it, u2 im sure also


Some fights I had today. I am still in the beginner phase and look for reviews.

My first question: How To Escape The setup that Akuma uses in video # 2 in 0:24 seconds?

And how to make a decent zoning against Zangief?