Ultra street fighter 4 video thread



Dj.mp will catch akumas flip grab but it can get beat by palm in that situation.
You can punish a lot of those lariats but you were late or backdashing. If I block greenhand I go for throw. Far mk, st lk, far hk, far hp…all of these are necessary to keep him struggling to get in.


Thank you, when you talked about the Far mk, st lk, hk far, far hp I realized that I just dont use these normals in my zoning game, which makes it bad.



hard knock life! SHIN SHO DEATH SQUAD!


I hate when he’s obviously losing but he gets a knockdown and taunts you. Seriously hate that shit.


You want to use those tools to hit at max range. You’ll usually get Gief with these because you threw them out and he walked into them or tried to dash in/throw a limb out. Kind of obvious but you can’t just rush in mashing hk and expect that to work. The you come back here talking about climaxter giving you bad advice. LOL



No, I would never do that, unless I lose, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Now are some fights where I find great difficulty. The MU against Chun Li
I find myself lost in this MU, it seems that I lose in everthing. If I try to make a zoning with fireballs I lose because she has the U1, the Hanzanshu and her great dash and walkspeed. If I try to keep an offensive I lose, because the offensive of Gouken is not very good and his moves are not saves, not to mention that she possesses several ways to stop a DF. If I try to play footsies I lose because Chun Li is recognized with the best footsies game.

Here, some couple of fights.








dj lp in the chun match is your best friend for anti-airs, that and jump back hk, and nj hp. her narrow jump arc requires any normal used as an anti-air against her to be fully extended or basically meet her in the air with active frames only when using mk, mp, lk, …gouken has good normals you just need more practice with them that’s all.

work on getting knock downs and attack her or mix her up with crossup dj mk.

and avoid hp fb’s as you know she will jump right over them and full punish


I’d say skip the mp.fb, but the hp.fb is good at full screen where you’d use mp.fb against most characters and up close against hazanshu. lp fireball at the mid and full distances.

if chun uses U1, then you want to use fake fireball (crouch stand mp) liberally once she gets it, especially if you do a jump back or backdash because they’ll be expecting for you to “make room and fireball zone”. I also highly recommend you learn the timings for fireballing her wakeup with time to block before u1 hits you. get, say, a palm and immediately start charging a high fireball. Let go with time to block and most of the time they’ll either U1 and eat a full punish, or jump “over” it and eat a fireball+palm. you have NO IDEA how many chuns fall for it.


Good point on angled hados , some more useful than others at dif ranges


Gouken Dojo: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUCTDw1_V1V8EXHN2ZiwHo7pA_ZMTSxS1

There you go taking, ggs last night. I was laughing so much. Didn’t had this much fun in a while


I know , great work on the playlist and I thought you were kidding about going to upload them all…glad you did…!

I was lmfao too a lot of different times , its hard for me to play a good set like that since I work from home and have a kid…

To ALL GOUKENS : ADD US AND GET AT US!! #shinshodojo

edit: so ive been stuck lab so much recently my brain was on auto , and man I wanted to stuff those tatsus so baaaaaaad off of no setups , so I forced em …and got my ass handed to me on those some I stopped…fun fireball wars…

we should do online training with full bars …fuckin nuts…!


@takinflight and @artificeren‌

Thanks for the help guys


Greybush here, been a while since I’ve posted. Here’s some quality vids from my adventures if you guys get bored!


damn that’s a lot of footage to go thru! …watched a few gd shit…what kind of pc do you run?



Good stuff… you’re still canceling normals to EX Flip and losing meter though.

The only time you really want to do that is when you do a normal that leaves you point blank and you can cross up.

When you cancel to EX Flip from too far out it puts you right in front like lk/mk flip will and you don’t take advantage of the invincible frames… save that meter and use it for something else. :smile:


Copy that, forgot if crhp xx lk or mk flip beats focus like Cr.hp xx ex flip…

Thx tho for that input !


@Lycann‌ could see only a few of your stuff because I’m too busy right now. I’ll suggest that you choose your best and worst matches so we can see both sides of the coin, like when you’re at your highest and when you wanna quit the game… Thanks


bullcat from a few weeks ago. don’t remember seeing it here.



Bullcat plays on pc?