Ultra street fighter 4 video thread




Off CRHP>expalm I never thought it had a problem connecting on characters, youll see in 1st rd near the end


takin, you need somebody hovering behind you, watching you play. So they can smack you in the back of the head when you cancel into ex.flip during a block string.


its probably my toughest habit to break…whats your suggestion , given you’ve obviously watched many a replay, in those same situations…

the ex flip>sweep wins a lot for me and ex flip at other times is very helpful for me, but what would you do if you were right there?

Iam has suggested lk and mk gflip respectively, but there are other times I know I just throw it out.


ya, there’s certainly a place for ex.flip as a counter-zoning tool.

it’s just that if you are in the middle of running your blockstring offense and you do that cr.hp x ex.flip, you’ve just completely wasted that ex bar. ex flip has 2 advantages, auto distancing and invincibility. they’ll be in attackstun during the invincibility, and you can easily choose between lk and mk flip. So you are just being lazy about picking the distance. stop being lazy. :wink:




Like kbrad, don’t do that!!!: stop it, don’t do thaaaat!!! Lol


This is a old vid of vanilla but i still play typically the same way. Wanted some feed back on who to improve my gameplay. Thanks.


A few of those ex flips did not need to be ex. Also, flip sweep is the last option you should be using imo, but then again in vanilla we had overhead divekicks so, yeah. You’re throwing raw fireballs a little too close. If he had a good eye, you would eat uppercuts or ultras. Other than that, its hard to tell because the character is so different now.


Ok thanks man. So what do goukens do against delayed get up now? I remember delayed get up in Street Fighter Zero 3 and required us to mix safe jump with attacks that stayed active for 4 frames to hit meaty.

How is it used in ultra now? Thanks.


A vanilla video??


I thoroughly loved this haha! I wish the pc version wasn’t borked.

I miss the old announcer.


i wonder if im still top 5 gouken in vanilla…

I think im still in top 20 on japan board for super iirc ;o


FUCK IT …TAKIN STYLE 101…there are reads and tatsus on reaction and plenty of unsafe air tatsus >>>>https://youtu.be/PaVrj7bCtHc

oh and streak killer vid …

thinkin of you Massa! ;0

















Best of velociraptor at final round