Ultra Street Fighter IV - Evil Ryu



Evil Ryu

  • Health 950

  • Crouch Heavy Kick start up is 6 frame

  • Can combo into crouch HK now

  • Foward Medium Kick has better downward hitbox

  • Heavy Axe Kick start up is 25f

  • Target Combo can now be done from far standing MP


We already have a big ass thread about this. But maybe people want to move on now that we have confirmed changes, although they are subject to change. I’ll cross post this one and my thoughts and see which thread people want to continue the discussion from.

I asked Kim1234 about Evil Ryu changes. For the most part they’re still the same. LK axe kick looks unchanged, hop kick tatsu’s looks unchanged, HK axe kick is not a overhead, and so on. But what he did tell me is that Evil Ryu’s teleport moves as far and is as fast as Akuma’s. I’m a little skeptical about this one. I hope it’s true though, that would be a big buff.


Sped up HK axe kick will make: Close mp xx Hk Axe kick possible now.


It’s already possible. They removed a frame from it in 2012 which made it work.


Pardon my ignorance
You’re right, fascinating.


Hi folks,
I’m in the process of modding the changes into a downloadable, playable mod. (Like I’ve done for about 10-12 characters so far.)
And I heard someone say that because cr.HK is 6 frame startup now that it can be combo’d into.

I’d like to test this but using the frame data from a website I couldn’t find anything that would allow it without Counter Hit (Although I’m not sure if that’s what he meant.)

Does anyone have a theory combo that would connect into a cr.HK now it’s 6f startup?



People are referring to the fact that tatsu sweep will work on a significant portion of the cast now. It should be the same group of characters Akuma can perform it on.

There are some late active frame jab combos, but that fewer people are familiar with those.


Heres sweeps video I did.




Like m16ghost said, it refers to tatsu sweep combos. Akuma and Evil Ryu’s tatsu keep opponents airborne for the exact same number of frames. But because Akuma’s sweep is 6f and Evil Ryu’s is 7f he can tatsu sweep 25 of the current 39 characters while Evil Ryu can only combo 5 of them. After this buff they should be able to tatsu sweep the same exact characters. As for those situational sweep combos, at least they’ll be a little easier now with the buff. Maybe we’ll discover a few more that weren’t possible before.

Also I’m looking forward to your Evil Ryu Ultra mod, Kingblacktoof. Thanks for taking the time to do this for the vast majority of us who don’t live in the areas where the loketest are taking place. We really do appreciate it. This is the closest we’ll get to testing the changes ourselves and I’ll take it over nothing.


Was it now confirmed that the Teleport Range/Speed was buffed ??? I havent read anything about it just rumors … BUT … I was testing it @ Dreamhack and I was like 85% sure that it was improved and/or just felt improved … !?


In which way was it improved? Farther teleport range?


E.Ryu’s Walk Speed seems faster, His HK Axe has a different sound effect & i’m digging it! }:}. Sweep is way faster. SRK seems to have more invincibility. Like axe kick looks to be easier to FADC. Fireball recovery looks faster. Commentator said Evil Ryu Can link Cr.Strong xx Cr.Fierce.



If this is all true this is sweet! Thanks for the vids!


forgot to ask this before. has anyone tried midscreen dash unders after lk tatsu, cl lp/cr mp? since it moves further im wondering if its possible


Sweep is faster and cr. MP into cl. HP has been possible since day one. As for the rest that you mentioned, they’re probably the same. But that LK tatsu range was just crazy. When he missed his link in the first match and the tatsu whiffed because Poison was crouching, Evil Ryu went completely over her and ended up on the other side. Besides that this guy didn’t do anything else that I wanted to see. Didn’t use the target combo once, didn’t try tatsu sweep to see if it works against Poison, and didn’t teleport once so we can put that myth to rest.


He meant CR strong xx Cr fierce. Although that’s already possible with a cr strong counter hit, I’ve yet to see it link normally in ultra. Seems he’s not that popular in the loke tests… I still hope to see a teleport once to check if it faster though


Yeah, walk speed is the same but listen to the HK Axe, it’s sounds different on hit. I really would like to see Sako play at a USF location test. He would be real interesting.


In the video he does c.mp, cl.hp. Commentator didn’t know it links.



zhi didnt know it linked and thought it was new [cr mp, cl fp]

the other commentator said you could always in AE

Then he made what i think was a false statement claiming it links into cr FP as well in AE as there were no mentioned frame data changes on cr mp and idk why they would add 1 more frame of hit stun