Ultra/super help

i recently for my TE stick and i’ve been a pad player for my whole life. ive been practicing but it seems like i can only do the ultra/super real fast on the 2nd player side. d/b, f, d/b,f ride the stick. i can do fadc into ultra on the 2nd player side no problem, but i cant seems to do it on the 1st player side the positioning of my hand is too awakrd for it d/b, f, d/b f to ride the stick. i`m using the wineglass grip, is there a video out there showing how to do the ultra/super on the 1st player side?


I actually had the same issue as you with the standard square gate on the SE and TE sticks. I find that when I needed to go for player 1 side ultra, I needed to quickly change my grip. I usually hold the stick between my middle and ring finger. When I go for the ultra on p1, I would slide my hand out my it so that only my finger tips are on the stick so I actually press down to make sure I was hitting the df corner. With my normal grip, I was always missing that corner, but a quick sliding of the hand helped me hit my ultras better.

I would suggest buy a octo gate. I switched out the square for a oct and I have not needed to change my hand placement on the stick to hit my ultras anymore from p1 side.

Don’t buy an octo gate

just practice

go into training and do it over and over

Turn on input display while practicing as well.

i’ve been, practicing, how’s ur grip on the 1st player side, any tips?

To do QCF x2 on the 1P side, I mainly use my thumb to perform the motion. On 2P, it’s mostly done with my middle finger, with the thumb giving me the assist. I hold the stick with my ring and pinkie fingers on the bottom, the middle and index fingers on the balltop, and my thumb on the right side.

However, I can’t stress enough that you should find what works best for you. Everyone’s different.

Maybe an octo gate will help and maybe not. It’s a personal preference. Don’t “don’t buy an octo gate” just because somebody said so

octo gate or not practice is the key

in fact why are you still reading this thread. GO PRACTISE

The grip is the same on either side. You don’t move your entire hand just because you switch sides.

Don’t buy an octo gate because the answer is practice. It’s not the gate holding you back it’s your skill holding you back.

You said “i recently for my TE stick” which I’m going to ASSUME means you just bought a TE and have started using it. Which means you’re still getting used to it. You don’t go out and start customizing just because you’re uncomfortable with TRYING SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME. You learn and practice and once you become competent with what you have THEN you decide if you’ll want to start customizing to squeeze some extra performance out of your abilities.

Millions of people can pull this move off on a square gate just fine and millions more will tell you for charge characters you’re going to want and possibly even need a square gate to play them effectivly.

Practice is the answer. Practice until you can do it. You don’t know how to do it and now you have to learn how to so start practicing instead of looking for some shortcut to make you instantly good.

When you don’t know how to do something(i.e. can’t do it on P1 side) you learn to do it by practicing.

This right here, I’m new, I had problems, I went into practice mode, and did fireballs, not ultra, just fireballs, over and over. After a little while I did ultras like nothing, and then FADC came, and I couldn’t get the ultra out on time, so I went into practice mode, and did it over and over, now I do that easy too.

Turn on show input too, you don’t want the stick going from down-back to forward, just down to forward, took me a little bit to break out of wasting the time doing down-back to forward.

^ how did u do it?. which input did u put in and which grip?


Lol, I was a little backwards. When I got my stick I started going for FADC moves and got it down pretty quick as soon as I got the proper timing down. But then I had to get used to getting hadoken motions off properly without jumping up like an idiot because I’m not used to the stick. Now that I got that down I’m unable to do QCFx2 ultras consistently again. :frowning:

It’s like as soon as I get something down and get used to it on the stick I lose another ability in the game that I have to re learn to get consistent again.

You are putting waaaaaaaay too much though into grip.

Not being able to do something on one side is perfectly normal when you’re starting off. (if you read the stickies, you’d know this!)

Check out the execution thread for tips on how to improve.

Just check out youtube for your hand positions on a stick if you think that might be making it even harder…But the way I learnt was just tons of repetitive practise in 1 session, I find it easier to learn by playing once constantly than to play the same amount of time with breaks inbetween…