Ultra Threads



So who’s manning up and updating these threads for Ultra?

Matchups, Videos, Combos, Labwork etc.???


Were all just using them as info and vids come in, no?


I think the last few versions we ended up updating the threads etc. and consolidating the info… I know the match ups and combos will be somewhat different… Don’t really care about the combo info that much though…

I’m good either way, just thinking ahead.


I was thinking about doing matchups note, like what you should and shouldn’t with details, it will be a lot of work…


idk id be able to update labwork I suppose , since ill probably be up init all the time…hows it work?

become a mod or something but just update and keep new info organized eh?


i visit the forum quite irregularily, so i may not be the best person to keep a thread updated. but i would really appreciate a thread showing and discussing usf4 gouken’s consolidated match up numbers in post nr1 with maybe small comments to the game plan approach (but not so detailed like in the individual mu threads). so a summary of mus. i’d really like to compare mu numbers with the other gouken players. could also be used for future community tier list projects…