Ultra Throw to Palm Bomber, Shootdown Backbreaker

I couldn’t seem to do this in training mode, What punch do you do Palm Bomber with?

Is this the best way to punish someone’s mistake with Hugo also?

I’ve only done it with an ex one. It is a good way to punish but not much better than a 360 or 2 palm bombers just more flashy imo. I am not claiming any of my hugo info to be fact since I kind of suck with him

i seen it done with a regular clap, im pretty sure its corner only.

sorry i wish i could answer ur question but ur best bet is to try with all the claps and all the backbreakers. :sweat:

I do ultra throw, lp clap, lk dp

I do it in the corner only, I’ve seen it midscreen, but it seems a lot stricter.

how is it in comparison to other punishes though?

damage wise, I think its a little bit more dmg than fierce pile driver.

Cool, I’ll use this instead then. So I guess it’s just strict timing then?

Not really strict, just takes a little getting used to… I do the clap a little late, then follw up with the dp.

I wouldn’t rely on the ultra throw too much. There’s a small amount of lag time on it that they can throw you out of if you do it meaty, whereas the 360 is invulnerable to throws and it fast as lightning.

gonna be honest here…if your looking for stun do it all, if you want damage its easier just to wall throw into close hanger…Wayyy easier

usually i do fierce wall throw,fierce back breaker

Would the lariat work after the clap?


Besides that setup that bbq sauce posted, you can also do RH Ultra Throw into Fp clap into Rh Backbreaker.

As for the EX clap version, it works, but you have to only connect one or two of the 3 hits in order for the backbreaker to actually grab after. :smile: