Ultra yang damage



All of the listed changes for yang are fantastic but after thinking about it is yangs damage still going to be sadistically low overall? Has anyone heard any further mention of yang on streams etc that others may not of heard yet? Do we know if there’s zero change of yang getting the last piece of the puzzle? I feel the poor damage is the only thing he needs to change to be a solid character. Considering they want everyone to be at a level that they won’t need another patch, I think it will be a big mistake if he doesn’t get it.


They upped his damage on cr.lk and rekkas. Should help a bit in that department. He’s never going to be a big damage character, that’s not his design.


yeah 180 for cr.lk x3 into rekkas is really good.


Didn’t realise it netted 180. I was checking out some vids to have a look at the walk speed, Hard to comment without the feel of it, has anyone heard it being mentioned?

I imagine changes to his dive kick won’t be happening?


Yang felt better overall in Ultra. I played with him a lot at Final Round this past weekend. His walk speed is sick-(Same walk speed as akuma). Far mp into HPxxrekkas is too good and does great damage. Far mp into rekkas is going to help yang get in so you can do FADC mixups and close the gap alot more. I know people have said this already but the cross up mk is as good as AE.


Thanks, bro. I can’t wait for Ultra Yang ! He’ll be a very good character this time.
I think only the red focus will hurt his pressing with mantis :frowning:


Cheers man, the primary source is reassuring!


The 1 point of damage scaling on command grab will hurt his damage significantly in that regard.
I feel like his only suffering spot is his raw punish anyway, you need Ultra to threaten people from being too crazy, I can’t imagine myself using UW when I think about that.

Here’s my math regarding the damage scaling, since there’s 1 point done I start the combo in training mode with a standing jab, and then subtract 19 damage and 50 stun off the final numbers.
There’s also 5 extra damage on LP Slash ender now, assuming scaling has gone to 50% and that the points round down, I add an extra 2 damage in the third combo, and 3 extra damage in the second combo.
Only bothered with the more optimal or common combos.

Old Damage/Stun > New Damage/Stun
Damage/Stun Loss

Basic Combos:
Close HP xx HK Rollkicks
205/300 > 179/260

Close HP xx HP/HP/LP Slashes
196/246 > 181/223

Close MP XX Crouching MK xx HP/HP/LP Slashes
222/323 > 197/285

U1 Combos:
Close HP xx HP/HP Slash xx FADC > U1
449 > 409

Close MK > U1
438 > 392

U2 Combos:
Close HP xx HP/HP Slash xx FADC > U2
418 > 369

Close MK > U2
278 > 252


Some of these are quite substantial. Worryingly so. Especially since we’re dealing with practical stuff. Anyone else able to weigh in on this?


We get more damage from normal combos now so im ok with this. Sure it hurts, but id rather have more damage off bnbs. Plus grab x st. lp x u1 will still do good dmg


Looks like Red Focus Crumple combos don’t offer any damage either, we’re better off saving the meter as we get more damage from FADC Ultra without the crumple.


Haha of course! Sorry I think I’m too used to the lousy damage off bnb’s. You’re right, the better bnb’s even it out and yeah lp x U1.

Yang shines too much with his fadc combos to blow that much meter with him seems nuts. Also you wouldn’t happen to have any idea of red focus damage relative to regular focus would you?

I reckon confirming off a single mantis will take precedence over cr.mk/far.mp xx mantis when they have meter. or at least if you think a red focus is coming. I have a feeling red focus’ won’t be that hard to see coming online i.e having someone close to stun when they have the butter.

On a side note, Dadaken, you’re replays were one of the main factors that helped my move to maining yang, it’s cool to be able to say cheers! lol

Only saw your comment in the other thread now man lol, not at all you have quite a solid yang!!


Yang will be pretty gud in Ultra because of the damage buffs on his moves and now his far mp is cancelable,thats a great change IMO So doing combos will be much easier now.


His cr. Lk got buffed also in damage so I think yang can now do reasonable damage which makes me a happy camper


Yo, you got dem replays? Send em to me mayne!


yes he can get about 180 damage off of cr.lk x3 to slashes I believe. I think yang will be really good in this version. His footsies are going to convert to decent damage and very good mix ups. Does anybody have an idea why they buffed the startup of U2? Easier to link?


Easier to antifireball with


if u anti air with the second hit of roll kick could you do far mp into ex rekkas or ex roll kick


I’ll have to do some testing… I wonder how much of a difference the one frame buff on ultra 2 will make for fireball punishes.


no you cant…the far mp would still air reset them