Ultra Yang Questions Here



I live in Japan and will be going to the Arcade to play Ultra on Monday and Tuesday [I’m hoping not many people will be there during the daytime] If you have any questions regarding yang or anything you would like me to try out. Please post in this thread and I’ll do the best I can. Also the frame data book comes out tomorrow and I will be hunting for that when I’m not at work. If you want me to try something, please be as specific as possible.


I am wondering if he will benefit from EX RFA like yun will. Maybe try some of those and post damage? I’d imagine that rekka fadc U1 will still be the best way to land ultra but again just curious. Also how ambiguous is the crossup jump mk?


According to my damage calculations EX Red Focus is going to be garbage for Yang, I don’t even think we get 20 more damage under any situation for using it with U1.


How about cl.hp xx mp palm, RFADC, U1? Maybe squeeze an expalm after rfadc. I agree it’s not a good use of meter though.


  1. Walkspeed buff noticeable?
  2. After launcher, hp palm, far.mp reset, can you get good shenaningans off cancelling the f.mp? Meaty palm, crossup teleport with frame advantage?
  3. How bad is the matchup vs Hugo and Guile. 9-1 I SWEAR.
  4. Interview ojisanboy please


does comboing slashes from far.mp prevent slashes to whiff on some characters?


Oh yeah good point. Also see if you can combo HK rollkicks after buffered s.mp and cr.lp, cr.lp, s.mp xx HK rollkicks.


can you please just tell me if viper burnkick is still airborn on frame 1.

As for yang, see if cr.mk x mp palm x red focus crumple x ex palm x dash st.mk x mk/hk dp works (makoto is easiest)

I just want to know if u can red focus cancel of mp palm basically


I would assume yes since you can regular FADC the mp palm. That combo should work. I’d actually love to know the damage/stun on that combo as well.

So I heard the XUP mk isn’t as good as I thought… a lot of japanese players have been low profiling it and its been whiffing in neutral situations =[


source? link?


Check the yang video thread or any yang footage (even the kindevu one). Pretty much every round you see a situation where the crossup should hit but doesn’t. For instance, corner rollkicks immediate jump mk whiffs on shotos still.


s.MP, c.MK xx red focus does work

s.MP, far s.MP is such a weird link.

walk speed is not very noticable

no back walk speed increase

had semi success with cross-up j.mk. It did however whiff a couple of times, most notably on guile.
{side thought: honestly what is the problem with giving Yang a fully functional cross-up? Guile has a 5 frame ultra that will completely 100% beat cross-ups [and when you get hit by it, you will say it looks like complete bullshit, cause it does}

I didn’t have any instances of s.MP xx Slashes whiffing at all. It moves his body forward so I feel like the chances of that happening are relatively slim.

outside of c.lk, c.lk, c.lk xx Slashes [x3], Yang still got poop damage.

cool note:
against Rolento when I had close offensive pressure, if I did a short lk divekick between strings, it sometimes crossed up.


See if f.mp xx hk rollkicks combos please.


shit, I knew I forgot something.


I think his walkspeed buff is just a 0.01 forward increase to get him in line with the fatest speeds and tied with DJ, Bison, etc. The 0.54 was an odd number that only yang had.


I concur. It’s not far away from the AE2012 edition.


Far s.mp does not combo into HK roll kick

Far s.mp is amazing vs. shotos low forward. Holy shit


Is it the St. MP hitting the shotos arms during Cr. MK start-up that makes it a good tool for the job? It’s good to hear anyway, you need so much precision to slip past Cr. MK in the current version.


Is it real ? OMG ! Amazing :slight_smile:


In Super, Yang has a real problem with Evil Ryu because of the range of E.Ryu’s c.MK. I played E.Ryu last night, and s.MP into slashes punish really makes the match-up easier.


East : I would like to know if mk crossup works good on the corner after medium dragon kick and after slashes please.