UltraDavid should have used Hakan

Clearly, Hakan > Dan.

Anyone else watch his match and not scream silently to yourself that it was time for him to oil up?

In all seriousness, I hope he sees this and responds with his tactics/internal thoughts on going with Dan over any other character (even if it isn’t Hakan). Mostly because I wasn’t aware he used Dan.

He also uses T.Hawk. He’s unlikely to use Hakan, because he’s got a condition with his nervous system so he’s less coordinated than he used to be. Hakan is for the super hardcore, so it’d be tough for him to play him at a high level.

I was so disappointed to not see him use Hakan. Only he can tell us whether he’s given up on the oily man or not. But I’m definitely inclined to go with Mordie if that’s what he says.

2011 SRK. LOL.

Dan’s a solid enough character. Just didn’t work out. Kept getting hit by those obvious reverse gouken EX tatsus.


UD has said before in the stream that Dan was his main character, so it isn’t unexpected.

And yeah, Dan is very good, the Gouken he lost to was… well, lets not go there.

That being said, UD missed out on a lot of opportunities (like… stationary ex air tatsu Gouken? really?) and thus paid the price.

JB you can’t tell me that last tatsu was obvious! I faked going in like 3 times and then did a move I thought was at a safe range for chip, but… Hiro just did it, and I forgot about the buffed vacuum range. Gs to him though.

Yeah Mordies right, I just don’t have the execution for Hakan anymore. Hakan is good and I hope someone shows that someday, but it can’t be me. You could see my terrible execution even with relatively simple Dan, I screwed up frame traps and combos and even fierce xx fierce dragon punch, the most basic combo possible. Given that, I’m not displeased with my placing tbh. You can only take a game so seriously when you cant really play it.

I was so sure you were out of Tatsu range, and I definitely wasn’t expecting you to get pulled in like that. Gouken found the right finger on Dan and took it. Well, we got to see Dan style on the stream, and Ultra duke it out, it was definitely a good fight. Hope everyone you beat has a newfound respect for Dan now.

Well, I never expected to get a response from the man himself. lol. I’m not going to lie, you were my great oily hope for seeing any Hakan (outside of people picking him for button checks, which made me laugh every time). Good play with Dan, though, Sir. I cringed a bit when Hydro hit that throw to ultra, but otherwise I thought you had a good run at it.

Dan is a beast, and an annoying one at that.

Great commentary Friday night also, UD. Was sad it wasn’t you and SKill for the grand finale. But, still, good show.

Sorry to hear the troubles, Sir. I was happy you get to see you on stream playing, no matter the end result.

I was disappointed to not see Hakan as well, but I got a kick out of seeing Dan. I think what I respect most is the fact that the choice of Hakan/Dan isn’t done out of trolling, it’s a genuine enjoyment of those characters. Sort of a “So what if they’re low-tier, I enjoy them” philosophy.

I have to admit that I get a kick out of beating the “good” characters with Hakan, but I don’t really do it to troll. It’s more the idea of facing someone like Oni, this physical representation of pure evil… and having what is essentially a circus clone beating him.

I also really enjoyed the commentary!