Ultraed out of a Demon



I was playing earlier today online and a ken player jumped in, dropping a HK a little after the peak of his jump. On reaction I threw out an ultra demon, with his heel going through Akuma’s head. It may have been just a range issue, but right after he landed, instead of being caught, he threw out an ultra.
Is this a ken-specific trap I’ve fallen for, or was I simply a step or two too far away for the ultra to catch when he landed?


Just means you did it a little late.


today i was playing online vs guile, and he did his ultra and i did the input command for my ultra at the same time, so it zooms into guile while he does his ultra animatin, and While it was still zoomed in on guile it did the start up animation for ragining demon, with the red flame and everything, but i still got hit.


Did it late? That’s…odd. He was in mid air, but if you say so.


It was definitely late, I know it may not seem like it, because it’s happened to me before. But this is the case.


When you do an ultra, it doesn’t hit until 4 frames after the flash. To properly AA, you must thus get the flash at least four frames before he lands (but not so early that your invincibility will not cover you against his jump attack). If you were only 2 or 3 frames before his landing, you would see him mid-air during the flash but he would still be able to escape.


Fair enough. Stupid frame data!


Yeah, it’s all about frame data, he recovers just before you actually grab with the demon. It seems like some guys have a faster recovery after a jumping attack than others. So read up on some frame data.


if you cancel demon out of a normal it doesn’t matter how close to the ground they are as long as they are point blank. This includes empty jump. I caught a cammy today literally millimeters from the ground with lk out through my body and there was nothing she could do. When I would just regular demon though without canceling it from a normal half the time they’d be able to jump or punish me. I don’t know why it works but I accept and use it.


i dont want to make a new thread for this
but does anybody of you are demon addicted ??

i always want to finish my rounds with demon
no matter super or ultra
and a lot of times i lose because of that =)

i think i watched to many jr vidz :S


ILL…give you a challenge?


if you want so
lets do it =)


Everyone crutches on the demon at some point in their learning, when I started out I would rely on the demon to get me wins, and was unable to win without it.

You just have to break force of habit, and train yourself to demon on reaction to unsafe jumps and missed combos.


You’ve got to really careful with the Super and Ultra Shun Goku Satsu (SGS). It’s trial and error, but you have to know when you can do it and when not to. Check out Ne0Russell on YouTube. He has 2 vidz :

Raging Demon Madness!! Part 1 [media=youtube]ZVxZIgxGCzA[/media]
Raging Demon Madness!! Part II [media=youtube]insp6gldHpo[/media]

That will give you an idea on how sharp you really have to be to catch someone at the most vulnerable, unexpected times. Chech it out. It worked for me!