Ultra's Team Battle Mode



…and I quote:

" •Team Battle Mode - allows players to team up in online only, elimination style 3v3 battles. The health bar carries over from each match, making it the ultimate test of endurance."

I will play with any forum regs on the reg when this hits XBL

Ive been waiting for a mode like this…

Massa you already know
Sun , what it do…?
Dek , lets link up like Voltron and run em into safe jump hell
Mad…our Nats agree now lets run some vs todo el mundo
Judd…tu sabes holmes
anyone else wanna take a stand ? we could really knock some heads


I didn’t know about the health bar thing. So it goes like:
Team A vs Team B -
A1 vs B1
A2 vs B2
A3 vs B3



The problem with all these modes is that it fractures the community.

Their whole conception of matchmaking is flawed, but I don’t expect a fix, really.


I’m ready. Let’s go!!


i would use that logic here definitely.

what would be tight is if they kept stats w teams and let us keep a few static teams on deck…

prior team battle iterations did nothing to focus on accomplishments of set teams…

maybe set names and keep a couple boards up for leaders etc would be sick…
more wins and loss stats would be better…like id like to know how many times Latif whooped me straight or how many times I beat AlexMyers before he finally beat me after like a year…or Fchamp and mines stats etc etc…or mirror stats…shit like that would be

Arti---- how does it fracture?


because the mode is… modal.

when I create a lobby, i choose the mode, to the exclusion of all others. With just ranked and endless, at best it cuts the pool of available players in half. add another mode, and now those two original modes will have a smaller pool of players available. Maybe this is just the perspective of the least popular platform (PC), but the pool of players is already small enough.

They could fix it by changing the matchmaker logic to let me choose "I’m cool with mode’s X,Y, and Z, in that order. Who wants to play?"
Instead we have this idiotic thing where we choose a mode which fractures the available player pool, and then have to choose between being the “waiter” or the “searcher”, again needlessly dividing everybody.

Meh, this isn’t the kind of thing that changes in a game after the first release.


I wish more people played this and actually competed with teams they have formed. Sooo much potential to change up fighting games, other games like MK have a similar feature, but it isn’t online capable. I really wish this took off…Team fighting game? What? Yeah Bro.


There’s only one problem, the netcode!!!


Which seems to be more laggy than ever. Maybe because there’s more people on? I don’t know, I get full green connections that start, stop, and stutter and then yellow connections that run clean. The game feels buggy and I’m pretty damn sure there’s a lot of players running some kind of bullshit hack or switch or something to help them boost.


The netcode isnt that bad compared to other fighters. Lets get real.


i want that n S A netcode