[UltraSFIV] Ibuki will be nerfed



There you go, here’s the changes of Ibuki in Ultra SF4. What do you guys think?


• Less vortex for her.

• More defense options.

• Soft knockdown now on Neckbreakers, but EX version is still a hard knockdown.

• EX DP will have more invincibility.

• Spin Kicks have a larger and lowered hit box.


• Spin Kicks have a larger and lowered hit box. What does this mean for her spin kicks? Will we no longer be able to loop anybody?


@Jolteon it means lk.Tsumuji’s second hit will not whiff anymore – hopefully T_T

TBQH, the “fix unblockables” is going to be the biggest nerf to Ibuki’s game. On top of the fact that “Less vortex for her” might mean less hitstun on Kunai – Ibuki is going to drop a few pegs. I’m hoping “More defense options” means her Kasumi Gake (command dash) is going to be invincible like Abel’s (not throw invincible obviously). Other than that, I’m sure ambiguous jumpins will still work off Raida if not Tsumuji knockdowns.


Is that the reason were not able to loop everybody because the tsumuji whiffs? And since the hit boxs has been lowered, do you think will be able to loop crouching opponents?



I’m not an expert on the SF4 engine and I only play Ibuki as an alt these days, but the reason (to both your queries) why Tsumuji loops don’t work on everyone is because of the resulting hit stun distance after Tsumuji (character specific) and s.Jab. The lowering of the hitbox will help Ibuki players use it to hit limbs like Bison’s Scissor Kicks – not really for the purpose of extending combos T_T I could be wrong though~


On certain character, MK Tsumuji’s second hit, ord third hit , or EX Tsumuji’s 3rd hit zould whiff on some crouching characters (Rose, Gen, Chun Li for example). This is designed to fix that.

Other than that… It looks like Ibuki will be way different than she used to. I hope they will buff her tools accordingly (give her an answer to divekicks, give her a bettre pressure game, like maybe f.HK being -1 and not -3 ?)


Thanks for the reply, eISH & Damascus. I was hoping I could do that sexy combo to everyone.


tl,dr I’m ready to pick a different character. If everyone hates Ibuki’s vortex that much, then maybe I should pick up Akuma.


Migno pls. Pick Seth instead.


It makes me sad that they are ruining a unique character. I don’t understand why the SKD nerd is justified. Just nerd her damage if its that big of an issue.

As for the different character thing, I guess imma get real on my sagat or ken training


Now, now lets not be too hasty here.

I wouldn’t say these changes are going to kill her yet, I think the neckbreaker nerf is an interesting change to say the least (as well as Combofiend’s reasonings: creating uniqueness in Ibuki’s play) maybe we’ll get a damage/stun boost, less recovery frames, or maybe she’ll land closer to the opponent (especially on EX)?

I don’t know, having a true go-to invincible reversal will be nice as well as the hitbox changes on Tsumuji. Maybe they’re trying to return her to a more 3S-ish Ibuki? Regardless, I’m sticking with it. Slowly and steadily I’ll master this character come hell or high water.


i dont hate it. but if i wanted that, id play cammy. remove a vortex option or two for a stronger dp.
the tsumuji thing is more or less a bug. it needed to be fixed.

if NB is keeping the SKD, it needs to do about 150 dmg and more stun to make it worthwhile


Kazegiri is a three frame DP. Ibuki’s Command grab is unblockable, Ultra 1 is a zero frame command grab. Command Dash is invincible.

These are the defensive options I want ;p.

Also, what was up with dplayers saying that they wanted Ibuki to have more of a footsie game? I mean, not every character has to play like Ryu.

I’m pretty positive overall, but we might end up with the nightmare known as SFXT Ibuki who is simply unplayable.

  1. What’s 3s Ibuki like? (I played Makoto and only played the game a short while).

  2. Picking up Akuma is not a bad idea, you can be assured he’ll be powerful with a tool for everything like always.

  3. We don’t know final changes yet. Maybe we get what Ginyu suggested, I like those. Maybe Tsujigoe is invincible too, so you can just go through jump kicks and air fireballs. More damage and stun, more ways to extend combos…maybe kunais can’t be hit out the air and do more damage. Perhaps regular neckbreakers go through fireballs so they still have a use.


If you played a high level match before, you will notice how bad Ibuki is at footsies and how hard it is to actually get a knockdown without getting whiffed punished. People can dance in and out of your ranges and there is not much you can do about it. You can simply give Ibuki a faster walk speed and her footsies will go up by a lot since she can get in and out of spaces to bait out moves or pressure opponents. Having Ryu’s footsies would be amazing if you can apply some crazy okizeme afterwords.

  1. She was ass. She had no set ups and no damage. Her game plan focused on getting in random hits in and stay very mobile to avoid getting hit. She did have some ambiguous things she could do, but it felt more of a gimmick. She was hard to parry too since she had double hitting jumping attacks, kunais, jump cancelable anti air, command grab, and the kunais super that also did a ton of chip.

  2. If vortex is all you care about, then yes. Go for it. Personally, I don’t like Akuma’s playstyle.

  3. We don’t but I’m sure the neckbreaker nerf is here to stay.


Im halfway to ibuki’s training (izuna’s book). Do i keep training with her or it will be a waste of time? Right now, im training to SJC and Tsumuji loop (blinking). Are these changes going to modify these stuffs?


I don’t see how her SJC and tsumuji loops will change. A good training would probably be using more tsumuji or kazegiri than neckbreaker. It will take time for me to be comfortable with cr.mp os tsumuji. I’m trying to find consistent setups off HK Tsumuji since the damage is pretty close to regular neckbreaker.

Sako used tsujigoe at EVO finals to escape something. I forgot against who and unsure if it was execution error or not. Whatever it was, there’s a use for tsujigoe lol. Still, I want this move removed because it’s annoying that it comes out when there’s an execution error, even with buffs, you’re going to leave yourself open.


Well I am not liking the neckbreaker nerf at all. As Ibuki you have to work so hard to get in as it is so when you got the knockdown you had a chance.
I just dont understand it, its like people havent played against akuma or havent seen akumas in a bunch of top 8s.

its like capcom listens to all the people that are bitching that dont actually play this game at higher levels.
OMG her vortex(which is not a fuckin vortex but rather a mixup) is so OP it needs to be nerfed.

I really dont believe she will be very fun anymore and will just turn into a headache.

I really just dont like the idea of not having real footsies and now not being able to stay on your opponent.


Ugh reminds me of my match against Alex Valle, he just bullied me when I tried to get in with Ryu normals lol.

I’m just saying that however because the go to response for a lot of guys on Eventhubs was “Nerf Ibuki, make her play more like this character so I don’t have to learn how to play against her.” Its like, that defeats the purpose of having more than 1 character in the game.

So, has every other neckbreaker other than EX Neckbreaker become useless now?



3S Ibuki is a high damaging/stun - reset based character. I really hope she does not go back to 3S gameplay, because in SFIV, there is something called “MASH TEH REVERSALS!!1!!1” which kinda breaks the entire reset meta-game. Like, as Yang, when my opponent has two bars, I know I’m at risk if I try a reset lol

As for vortex… I think that just removing unblockables/fake crossup bullshit is enough of a nerf to make it less frustrating. As I already stated, if I wanted a good footsie-based character… I wouldn’t play Ibuki lol

Also, I believe that this neckbreaker nerf is more about removing the whole idea of vortex in the game. To be honest, if they nerf that to Ibuki, they will probably nerf Akuma’s demon flips, Cammy’s spirals and stuff. If they nerf Ibuki’s vortex, but akuma, Cammy and the other can still have fun, now that would be a completely stupid nerf