Ultrastik360 vs Hori RAPv4 Hyabusa swap


Has anyone gotten the ultrastik360 to work with the Hori RAPv4 (not the kai version) PCB? I love the switchless design but the Ultrastik360 requires its own drivers to work due to connection via USB. It has a wire harness connector option so it makes me wonder if it is at all compatible with traditional commercial console sticks without the use of drivers.

I know ultimarc offers the J-Stik which is essentially a Sanwa JLM-TM-8 clone, but it uses cherry switches instead of the magnetic sensors of the Ultrastik360 and defeats the purpose of trying to go switchless.

If it isn’t possible to marry the two products together, then please mention some switchless alternatives if there are any.


Focus Attack or Arcade shock should still have optical pcbs if you’re fine with JLF’s