Um, how do you nudge forward, low foward FB?


It seems nigh impossible to walk forward, and immediately do low forward, fireball without popping out a dragon punch.

Is there some command I can input after walking forward that doesn’t let the intended fireball input think it’s part of the command?

Skipping the DF movements doesn’t help, sigh. I see it so often though, online and off, and I seem to be the only one with this problem, as I never see anyone else randomly popping dragon punches after nudge/low forward footsie wars.

Note adding a delay helps, and seems to be the only way I personally can do it, but I do not like doing that. Obviously if there’s no choice I will get used to it.

I prefer to do it as fast as I can without devoting cognitive resources to determining timing, as I’m more concerned with devoting those resources to hit confirming. And doing it as early as possible allows me more “free think time” to look for a hit confirm.


Ah advanced daigo footsies.

real talk you have to stop moving (go to neutral) and input the low forward at d then df, f+p

seems like an execution errorr on the fireball is all


You can do an extra UF after the QCF to make the hadouken come out more consistently than the shoryuken. I heard thats what John Choi does.

so when you’re walking - do the cMK, then :qcf::uf::p: