Um some more stuff to ask

when you do cr.fierce, tackle,, and then lp. aegis, you can dash up and throw them. When you use the neutral throw(the one with a lot of hits), how do you hit the character with a short tackle so that they go back to the corner?

for alex’s midscreen, how do you do the midscreen where you do and then whiff. s.RH tackle? I forgot how it goes. The other dash tackle (with partition)is kind of hard for me.

For the first one you posted, the neutral throw, then hit with the lk tackle to reverse direction, takes timing. No other tricks work, just practise until you know when to do the tackle. And I believe it only works on the twins, although I could be wrong.

The Alex one is doing a dash forward tackle, but mp right after the dash into a tackle. Kinda hard to do IMO, but I haven’t really worked on that one at all.

wait so that combo also requires a partitioned tackle? I’m kind of confused now as to how it works.