Um, What?!

This section is labled " For other games, like super turbo. The thing is, there’s already a Super Street Fighter II: Turbo section. Um, what?!

this is horrible you might have to click the back button and then on another forum

Sometimes life can be so complicated! v:shy:v


Calm down zandwich. I know that there’s an st section, I’ve been there. Just because I’m new here doesn’t mean I’m an idiot… It’s just that if something already has its own main section, why is it also in the “other” section? ST is one of the more popular old school 2d fighters, and for it to be grouped in with the fighters that SRK would rather not cover in a main section is ludicrous.

No hate, but they really should alter that. Someone could find out something really cool about st and post it in “Other” where most people wouldn’t look for it.

Better examples would be something along the lines of “Like KOF and Tekken.”

You are correct in stating that the byline is outdated but you shouldn’t worry so much about it. Everyone that is into ST knows to checkout the ST or Remix specific threads.

The Other Games byline I think listed Super Turbo since its rebirth in '00-'01. No one really posted ST info here much. We had a major thread with general info in FGD.

ST received its own group forum circa when Capcom Collections 2 was to be released. It should have been changed then but I guess it was overlooked.

BTW, no disrespect to you TNB but your subject line makes you appear to be an idiot heh heh. :wink:

““Sometimes life can be so complicated!””"

heh you are so right=)))

Wow this thread is so useful : D
What did you expect from a forum called shoryuken?
Other games… Melty Blood, Arcana Heart?

close this please:zzz: