Um...why don't shoto's use fireballs anymore


By what I post here, I know I look like a loser at SFV…and I am not that great (I’m silver rank) but, I don’t get SFV

Some characters no longer play like they have been playing since the early 90’s…

The characters I wonder about most are shotos, especially Ryu.

Where is the fireball game…? Ryu doesn’t seem to use fireballs anymore…and…fireball zoning was a big part of Ryu. Are fireballs so shit now that it’s not even worth bothering with fireball zoning…? because no body plays Ryu in the way they used to.


fireballs are still useful but because jumping is very good in SFV and because a lot of characters have anti-fireball specials or V-skills, you have to use fireballs more sparingly now. old school, ST-style fireball zoning doesn’t really cut it anymore (unless you play Guile who is the one character that can still kinda do that to an extent). better to think of fireballs as risky but high priority pokes that must be used with caution.


Basically this.

Unfortunately SFV is a game that basically says to you ur fireball game don’t mean shit (with the exception of guile). It’s not 2 say that shotos can’t still do it but all it takes is one correct jump in from ur opponent and ur gonna take a shit ton of damage and when u add the fact that late dps get stuffed now its even worse. That’s why people say shotos r terrible now. They cant use fireballs like they used to, there pokes r pretty bad so it’s like what r they supposed 2 do in certain match ups other than get there ass beat


Fireballs are matchup specific. Some characters ignore them, some characters are fucked over by them.

It seems like most characters that have fireballs have shit anti fireball options and characters that don’t have fireballs can damn near ignore them.


You played 3S and you ask yourself where your fireballs went? lol.
How much have you played that game exactly?


Hope your not talking to me. I’ve never even played one competitive match of 3s. I think the game is hot garbage. Most I’ve done is some training mode and playing Ng for like a week when it came to arcades.


Not sure what you’re talking about but fireballs are pretty common if you know your spacing. Hell watch Daigo and Tokido they definitely make use of fireballs.


I’m talking to OP who sports “Third Strike Online - Ryu and Akuma” in his signature. If he really played that game he should’ve known that fireball heavy shotos haven’t been effective in all SF games “since the 90s”.


teh aduken is a cheap move and finally peoleple are reazling it and showing some honour in fighting

good riddence to the aduken…




Fireballs? In my Tekken?


Just play the neutral with EX. Devil Reverse, you’ll be fine.


What’s a Fireball?



Some of these replies don’t even seem like respondents acknowledged that the OP outright said he is silver ranking and not so great at the game.

Just keep playing, get better and rank up. Also keep watching SFV videos and tournament play where you will see more use of fireballs properly but not in the purist way such as Guile, Akuma or Sagat in past versions of Street.

If the game is being played correctly you will be annoyed by projectiles but won’t see the same in SFV since mostly everyone has great tools to avoid them. If the opponent uses them too much or in an obvious way they will get punished hard. This is also because jump-ins are super strong in this version so there is greater risk/reward associated with using fireballs. Missing a fireball on your opponent in SFV could cost you the round.


Game is scrub friendly and promotes playing like a dumbass. See: Both S1 and S2 top tiers.


S1 TopTier included Ryu and Ken.

So they promote playing like a dumbass, good to know.


Don’t try and be smart. Ryu hardly has a fireball game and Ken goes in like a retard.

Mika clap clap clap, Backdash Nash, IAL it’s always my turn Chun, Cammy being Cammy, etc. Oh wait, you play Cammy.

Please tell me a Ken that isn’t Momochi player that played “Street Fighter”? Charge in like a dumbass, 2 random heavy buttons and mash dp. If it connects let me combo 45% into the corner. Then I’ll throw loop you.


Ken’s charge in like dumbasses since I play SF online, same with the DP mashing.

Ryu had a fireball game, it was just not the SFIV 2 button fireball game.

Why are you so angry btw.? Did someone spit into your breakfest?


Sorry. Total n00b here.

What makes jumping better in this game compared to, say, SFIV (my first “serious” fighter)?