UMASS, 5 College, Pioneer Valley - anybody out there?

Calling all street fighters-

Where are you? Let’s get together and play some games.

Western MA is a no man’s land when it comes to Street Fighter - very few arcades, and none with an assortment of titles nor a staff that keeps the machines in working order. It’s a sad situation. We’ve got to go to Boston, Montreal or NYC to find arcades - which is ok, the competition is there and warrants the drive every blue moon, but not every weekend.

So, the community begins from the ground up. UMASS, Amherst has a Game Hobbyist League. They have regular meetings on Wed and Saturday. The facilities are there to have games going on ps2/xbox...etc - bring your mas sticks or controllers. 

Who’s in?

The more people who get involved here, the better the competition and the more fun this will be. Casual play is certain, and if the numbers are there, tournaments will follow. But first, we need a head count.

If anybody is out there, please respond. Let us know your general location, and the games that you play

I am in Northampton, MA. I play Super Turbo mostly, but also Third Strike. Alpha 3 is good for old times sake.

Or you guys could go 30 minutes away to Tokyo Game Action and play Street Fighter 4.

^wat dat man said

Thanks, I had no idea Tokyo Game Action even existed. This is a bit more than a half hour drive though. I was hoping to find some folks living a little closer, for meeting up with minimal driving.

There are meetups in Springfield which is right near you. You need to get in touch with this dude named Gonzales, look for him on

Hey Joto.

I said whatup in the Boston thread awhile back. I live about 15 minutes from Northampton and my brother actually attends UMass. We both play Marvel, Alphas, ST, whatever. More minor games im into are Jojo’s, Vampire Savior, Smash 64. I’m up for learning anything though.

Whenever the next session goes down at Zoo Mass hit me up in PM here or on AIM (same name). I know there’s gotta be SOMEBODY playin Street Fighters at UMass somewhere.

Nice job postin up, maybe we can put something together.


anybody down for some marvel or st?

i’ve got a DC and stick, plus ST, Marvel, and Vampire Savior and will travel a bit, no problemo. I dont have a great setup for gaming myself, but I’d be down to haul my stuff to a gathering. Would also be down to pay for gas for a trip to TGA.

Get at me, this is the DOLEDRUSM in case yall need directions/info

also, there is a TGA tournament on November 1st, GOGOGO!!!

i’ll be there

yoooo i play sf and go to umass amherst. mostly 3rd strike and super turbo…im dying over here. someone play with me.

^ word, I think I’m gonna be on campus this weekend to get some games in with my brother.

Maybe we can set something up. What console/s do you have? We play on DC mostly. I’ve got ST for DC and a couple Jap sticks.

If you’re on AIM hit me up same name

yo bark,

sorry, we ended up just watchin the Sox game. I forgot that was going on until I got there. I’ll let you know next time I’m around campus.

its aight man, let me know.

If you guys are meeting at UMass ever, you should let me know. I’m in the Amherst College region and meeting people from online is always lulz.

You know, because we all turn out to be fat, ridiculous-looking weeaboo nerds.

i’m not fat or ridiculous looking.

or am i??

im in hamp bout once every couple months., and im down… although the next time i will be there will be thanksgiving and if your a student you most likely won’t be…

which is okay cause even we can get some ass at a smith party HAH, god i miss home.

anybody around this area who wants to play street fighter? i dont even care which game it is, but i only got a ps2 stick.

my aim is barkb3nt and im at umass. but everybody plays smash bros or halo. im always down to play