UMBC October Monthly : October 8th

This Wednesday Night’s tournament was hectic, especially with the lack of working TVs, but it was still awesome. Great games all around. All tournaments except Marvel were single elim. SF4 ran later than expected and as such Top 3 ended in a deadlocked three way tie. Top 4 results for each game are as follows;

Street Fighter 4 (25 Entrants)

1-Tie. Xiggurat (E.H)
1-Tie. Steve Harrison (SA)
1-Tie. Devil Jin (VI)
4. Coma (EL)

Xiggurat wins Swordsman with an Umbrella on DVD; Steve Harrison wins a Reptar Action Figure; Devil Jin wins Madden 2002 for the XBox. Congrats!

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (16 Entrants)


  1. AznDaisy
  2. Steve Harrison
  3. Noochie

Guilty Gear: Accent Core (10 Entrants)


  1. Steve Harrison (KY)
  2. Wallstreet (SL)
  3. Moroha (AB)

Soul Calibur 4 (9 Entrants)


  1. Kutsuki (Siegfried)
  2. Moroha (Cassandra)
  3. Guexdeth (Xianghua)

Marvel full results (16 entrants; double elim, 'cause I thought we were gonna have enough time):

We may play out the top 3 matches next week, so we can get a definite of places, if top 3 want to. If not, here’s the full results with the anticipated/expected top 3:

  1. AsianDaisy
  2. Steve Harrison
  3. Noochie
  4. Sayco
  5. caliagent (forfeit in Loser’s)
  6. Josh Leung (forfeit in Winner’s)
  7. Tomass (forfeit in Loser’s)
  8. GameBoy
  9. lolwut
  10. Fresh
  11. strogg
  12. TripleAgent (forfeit in Loser’s)
  13. DevilJin 01
  14. Jim Davis
  15. Chez
  16. Renaldo (DQ’ed)

As aforementioned, top 3 are subject to change depending on whether the top 3 players want to play this out next week.

Thanks to all who showed up and played. Good shit and keep playing! :tup::party::encore::china:

GGs to all, sucks I had to leave, next win and I would have been top 4 in SF4, and I hadn’t lost in MVC2 either. Was playing alright, just have to do something with that extra slow Mahvel lol. Shit was weird…where the DC at?

I figured that people would’ve been more interested in playing Marvel on 360 (even though I’m completely opposed to it :rolleyes:) because they’d be able to use their own sticks, which was convenient for everyone and which is probably why we had 16 people playing, lol.

I’m bringing the DC next week though. That shit was too gay. And I was blazed as shit, hahahahaha. GG, Tomass for that GDLK trainwreck. :rofl:

I knew 360 Marvel wasn’t going to be perfect, but wow, they need patches STAT. :lame:


I called you on being high the second I got there rofl.

hell yeah, get it steve H




I almost read that wrong for a second. I was thinking, how the FUCK did some Honda player beat Steve H? Only skye can do that :cool:.

I’ll try and make it to one of these…sometime. The distance…:sad:

Technically me and the Honda player are on like the 3rd match of our fight. I threw Sagat at him first match and won then I scrubbed out and lost the 2nd match. So if he comes to the next event I’ll ask him if he wants to run the 3rd match. I’ll just play Viper probably and see if I can scrub out one more win.

He’s going the distance! He’s going for speed!

Xiggurat’s Honda isn’t bad though. You should play it sometime… whenever you come up… lol.

gdlk TRAINWRECKooooooooooooooo?

Tomass got that goodass Trainwreck, son. Hit him up.

we were suppose to meet up but never did.