UMBC September Monthly : September 9th


This Wednesday Night’s tournament was an absolute blast. Some sick casuals, sicker tournament matches, and sickest of all were the prizes. Get in shape for next month’s tournament. Congrats to all the winners! All tournaments except Marvel were single elim. Top 8 results for each game are as follows;

Street Fighter 4 (30 Entrants)


  1. The Perfect Sim (DH)
  2. Steve Harrison (SA)
  3. Havoc (AB)
  4. Rugal B. (BI,SA)
  5. Skisonic (EL)
  6. AznDaisy (BX)
  7. Street Man (RY)
  8. Muffin Man (BX)

Perfect Sim wins the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band jacket for 1st Place; for 2nd place, Steve Harrison wins a copy of Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero for the Nintendo 64.

Blazblue (16 Entrants)


  1. Coma (NO,RC)
  2. Tarnish (RG)
  3. Rover Ruckus (TA)
  4. Zerp (RG)
  5. Kutsuki
  6. B. Chan
  7. B. B. Hood
  8. Ronaldo

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (10 Entrants)


  1. AznDaisy
  2. Skisonic
  3. Rugal B.
  4. Steve Harrison

Street Fighter HD Remix (11 Entrants)


  1. Caliagent #3 (RY,ZA)
  2. Tarnish (CA)
  3. DevilJin (BL)


mmm…good shit Pete!
Damn! N64 Mythologies!!! What a hellva night to miss…?!


LOL, I got 5th in sf4? Wtfff. Good shit to all.

Thanks, Rob. :china:


HDR was double elimination, actually. Good shit to everyone who played.


Are you all playing on PS3 or 360? Anyway, nice work, Ren, Tarnish, and DJ. Level up that ST/HDR.


360 is the standard for HDR.


I still play that HDR once in a blue moon. The tournament has me officially wanting to play it semi seriously again.


Keep playing, we’re taking this shit to space, as the kids on the West Coast say. Seriously, though, HDR is worth your time.


Ugh missed the first tourney >< Congrats to all the peeps that placed. I’ll be there next wed for some casuals.


You only got 5th cause I had to bounce… I would have been 3rd or better


:confused: :wonder: :rofl:

New guy or new name?


Hahahahaha, good shit.

Yeah, you missed some good shit, Doc. Haha. See you all next week.


No shit that game was hard as fuck when I was like 7.


Gs guys…


Good shit Perfect Sim, Steve H, Rugal, and Muffin Man