UMBC September SCIV Monthly


Wednesday, September 23rd @ 8:00pm

1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
Commons Game Room

No entry fee, no venue fee, just show up and bring your ‘A’ game. Default setup will be PS3, 360 players are welcome to bring their copies of the game and controllers.

Players with an ID will have their performances in the singles tournament ranked in the 8wayrun exclusive ladder system.


? Double Elimination, 2/3 regular+semi’s, 3/5 finals, 4/7 grand finals.
? Rounds consist of the default 60 second time limit.
? Random Stage Selection for every match.
? All stages are legal for play.
? All matches are played at the default 100% health/gauge.
? Custom Characters are banned.
? Bonus characters are banned.
? All infinite’s are banned.
? Button Mapping is allowed.
? Algol, Vader, Yoda are allowed.

? We like it very much when people can bring their own controller/stick converters, so if you happen to have a converter that you use regularly, please bring it with you.

Please don’t be late. If you are going to be late, call us beforehand so we can hold the start until you arrive. If you have been to one of our tournaments before, you should have received someone’s phone number with which to contact them. If you haven’t, please send Hudathan a PM. I stress this, help us help you play in a well organized tournament.

We can only hold the start of a tournament for about 10-15 minutes because security is strict about closing the game room by midnight. If you are going to be very late, it is possible that you might either start out in the losers brackets or not be able to compete in the tournament altogether, so please come early unless you inform Hudathan ahead of time.



Yeah I thought this was gonna be the next Maryland Battle Opera announcement. Well…hope you guys have a good time.