Umehara Kumite Special #2!

You may remember this thread about the Daigo Kumite in Arcadia magazine… well, this month’s issue of Arcadia has another Kumite special featuring Daigo.

I’ve actually written about it here:

This time around, Daigo had to face Mago, Nuki, Nemo, Iyo and Shiro. The matches were apparently recorded in June, so this is way before Evo 2009, but the matches were still excellent. I got the magazine this morning and took a look at the DVD, and it’s pretty good! You can find the issue on Play-Asia ( now if you want it. There’s a lot of other content on the DVD, including Sangokushi Taisen, KOF2002 UM, DaemonBride and more.

Anyway, here are the results of the Kumite:

Daigo vs Mago: 2 - 0 for Daigo. The third match seemingly ended in a draw, although I don’t know because they only show one match per player

Daigo vs Iyo: 2 - 1

Daigo vs Nuki: 2 - 1

Daigo vs Nemo: 2 - 1

Daigo vs Shiro: 1 - 2

Also, please don’t ask for a rip of the DVD, because I won’t be doing it… support the mag and buy the issue!

Stopped reading there.

… Wait.

That kind of witty remark doesn’t work when you quote the last sentence in the post. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was the joke bro :tup:

man I need to find a way to watch the set with shiro

thanks for the info

does the DVD work on US players?

that match was the best one on the DVD, actually.

Jenova: Nope, you need either a Japanese region player or a region free player

Shiro won? Hooray for Abel!

I need to get some friends in Japan to start sending the mag to me.
Thanks for the info Reno, appreciate it bro.

Daigo commented that he thought abel was a good choice against ryu when interviewed about Evo and Justin. Maybe this was one of the reasons.

Thanks for getting us the results!

Go Shiro - no wonder Daigo seemed so respectful to (and familiar with) the match when Justin tried Abel.

can us ps3 play this dvd? noob question i know…

no point in ordering if i cant watch…

Not a bad price, I’ll be picking this up…thank you sir!

I’m going to see if the San Diego’s Mitsuwa Marketplace has it first before ordering on play-asia.

Abel is getting slept on, seriously. I dunno if he’ll make top tier but I think he’s at least a solid mid.

For those that dont have a regional dvd player for japan. you can change the regional area on your PC’s dvd player and view it

I think its BULLSHIT how they only show one match per opponent.

/me runs to the nearest bookstore

shiro ftw

hmm the vids are up on youtube and have been up there for a while, wow shiro had a nice comeback…im pretty sure the japanese novelty store has this magazine, but i can’t read japanese so…yeah.

Abel can combo into ultra (which does a crap load of dmg), that comeback potential alone makes him upper mid tier, he is definitely getting slept on.

If you’re talking about the crazy comeback, that’s probably the trf video ur looking at, not the kumite. Two different events I believe?