Umehara vs Poongko... Round 2!

I didnt find anything on this using the search feature so mods please if this is the wrong section or the wrong thread please delete it. I put it here to get more attn.

It seems that they played a long set of 30 fights with Umehara winning with a very conclusive 22 to 8. Im waiting for vids to pop out.

The source site is this but BEWARE is in french:

There were other notable matches like Mago vs Poongko.

I think what hit Daigo on EVO were that he wasnt prepared for Seth and a 2 match set is too short to learn the matchup. But someone here pointed that his execution was bad that day cause he wasnt feeling well, well he is human like us after all.

Good thing Latiff could beat them both! (Daigo and Poongko)

Godsgarden promises to be GREAT!

Godsgarden is always great, I just hope I see a legitimate Dudley (xAPO20x) there.

That doesn’t even have anything to do with this topic, get off his nuts.

do we really have to sit here and explain why a certain top player loses outside of what choices were actually made in the match

I dont get your point. Im not defending/blaming anyone. Point is that Daigo played terribly that day cause he was sick.

he is actually a friend of mine so what can I do? LOL at haters.

Not this shit again :confused:

Get off your RL friend’s nuts you fanboy.
Latif just got lucky viper is scrub character and flamekicks are unblockable!!
He should go back to play that shitty ass anime shit gear guilty.

Anyway it doesn’t matter that Daigo beats Poongko now- The damage was done and he’ll forever be the inferior player in the eyes of stream monsters and youtube commentators.
And that’s all that matters in the SF4 scene.

I usually don’t explain myself, but im not a hater, you’re just obv riding his nuts. I have nothing against Latif at all, he just has nothing to do with this topic.

Yup, we are at the mercy of armchair experts.

Posting in without getting trolled is an art in itself. They do have a point though, stick to the topic. I personally think Latif is overrated. He’s like the GamerBee of EVO2K11.

“Yo good job perfecting Daigo Poongko, but you still suck cause you can’t do it again, and therefore your first victory was meaningless, and Latif? Shave your eyebrows and we’ll talk - Love SRK.”

I like how everytime Benihana loses it’s because of some reason outside the actual game

Classy fans right there

Didn’t people say Daigo wasn’t himself and that he was sick when he lost to Valle in 3rd Strike a few years ago too, think it may have been Evo 08?

Dunno why this is in FGD but anyways…

Daigo said in a recent interview that he’d rather not fight Poongko at GG because Seth’s mixups are tough to deal with.

Daigo didn’t lose to Poongko @ Evo, it was his friend.

Seems Daigo can play a little better without such an overwhelming crowd in the back supporting the other guy :rofl: :rofl:

Or Daigo lost simply because Poongko was the better player that day.

Daigo lost because Poongko outplayed him. I don’t see how hard that is to grasp.

Daigo lost because his health bar went to 0 more times than Poongko’s

Daigo just lost to RF, shit was kinda hype

Poongko just lost to Uryo, shit was SO hype