UMK3 10th anniversary! any cool torneys/events this year?

since this year it’s UMK3 10th anniversary, I’d love to see some fresh action. is anyone willing/planning on makin’ a BIG torney this year? also post any comments/ideas for that matter. I can’t believe that it passed a decade from the very first time I played umk3 on the arcades. people went crazy for months! I still enjoy A LOT playing it on the streets. last year I ran about 10 torneys and this year won’t be different. LONG LIVE TO UMK3!! (and everyone who still enjoys playing)

i wish more ppl played umk3/mkt in my area… .not enough players to hold anything big

3 problems with UMK3 that would probably explain why not alot of people play it:

  1. Dialup pre-programmed combo fest gameplay.
  2. Horrendous lazy palette color swapping character designs.
  3. Is it me or do the normals to almost every character has the same look and aspect? (ex: uppercuts)

Mk2 >>> Umk3

Mkt >>> Umk3

Mk1 >>> Umk3

Mk3 >>> Umk3

Umk3 >>> Mk4

I thought everyone who played MK competitively played UMK3 and sometimes MKT?

Anyone who has a clue knows UMK3 is the best MK game. Anyone who thinks otherwise is scrub sauce.

mkt is the best mk by far.

if you want to celebrate mk, use mkt or mkd

Pass that shit dog because you must be smoking some good chronic. Mk2 is the best mortal kombat.

The only problem with MK 2 is that its pretty much owned by Jax and Milenna but yeah MK2 was the best one.

Gameplay wise, UMK3 is the best MK. If you really want, you can just not use the run button and play generic ass MK2 style in UMK3.

There’s nothing MK2 does better than UMK3.

ok, let’s not turn this thread into “what’s your favorite mk game?” or “which one is better ?” UMK3 is the BEST MK game, everyone knows that… at least the people that are REALLY into the game knows that fact. so, MK1, MK2, MK3, MKT are great. MK4, MKG, MKDA, MKD Suck a dog’s dick (IMO). but I’m talking of UMK3 10th anniversary here. c’mon, it’s been TEN years since the game came up and a lot of people stills play it competitively or just for fun/breaking it… so it has to be a damn great game!
the first torney this year here in Colombia will be before june and I’m expecting to run at least 4 more. what about you guys? what r the big shows this year?

please stick to the topic, people… :tup:

Yeah there is a tourny coming up at ECCX. I’ll be there, The Prophet, Phi, Red Gouki, RSigley, some others hopefully.

And honestly, anyone who thinks MK2 is better than UMK3 is living in their own fighting game world. I wash my hands of you.

edit: it’s like people came out of the woodwork just to inaccurately bash UMK3.


for the xth time: please record it all and share it with us… I always say that when I see a torny coming :pleased: I promise I’ll show something too! what about chi fellas? r they going?

So what do you play UMK3 on in torneys?

MK sucks. Close thread . :encore: :tup: :encore:

An arcade unit.

so, when is eccx? and who will run the torny?
hope to see finally lex Vs shock!

eccx is on may 27-29

Where is eccx held?

As far as atmoshphere, fatalities, and goofiness…MK2 is the best
However, the gamplay is pretty ass and hasn’t aged well at all.

For gameplay, UMk3 is easily the best playing. Yeah there’s the dial-a-combo aspect but the run button does make all the difference in my opinion. MKT was decent too but it had degraded graphics and was console-only.

MK4 arcade was a piece of shit with laggy inputs, but the home ports tightened up the controls alot.