UMK3 Accurate Button Layout *Help*

I’m wondering if there’s a place where i can find the layout to all the arcade games (fighting games at least) Like with dimensions and everything so one can make sticks based on fighting games. Mainly the reason i ask is for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, i have searched everywhere but i can’t find a decent picture of the controls to be able to figure out the distance & exact dimensions for correct spacing. I have found plenty of pictures but they are at an angle. I know what the layout looks like but i don’t know the dimensions. Is there a place one can find this information? I would also like a Street Fighter, Tekken & MVC2 but mainly Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. I don’t know if there’s a topic about this already, i searched & couldn’t find one so i posted, if there already is a topic i will delete this or lock it.

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Street Fighter:
Why are you on this website?

No he is referring to the actual stick and button template as in how far the stick and buttons are from each other on an actual arcade cab.

Well if you read the thread carefully, what I’m looking for is templates with actual dimensions, I know what every layout looks like but I don’t want to guess on the spacing if I don’t have to. I know there are people here who have been building stcks for years who might have this information so I guess that’s why I’m on this site.


Thank You, that is exactly what I meant.

sorry about that. I should have read original post more carefully.

Visit They have tons of panel arts and marquees and stuff. Over there is one of MK1 and its very accurate so it will help you.

Thanks for the site, i think that will help me a bit. I was actually looking for something with sizes & measurements. I’ve been to every arcade in my area and they no longer have that game or any of the street fighters. They only have marvel Vs capcom 2. This is ging to be harder than i thought.

Thanks for the help so far.

Here, I just made this up quick with the help of my old friend MSPaint. It’s not one-to-one sizing but it will let you draw it out yourself, which I actually prefer to do. This is the most common layout I’ve seen on “good” cabinets.

hey umm, i actually have this shit. I forgot who gave it to me. He wanted me to upload in my resource thread but i never did hahaha. No place to host it beacuse it’s a pdf :(. Lemme go rapidshare it or something. oh fuck, I’ll use my own server space.

I think that’s something I made a long time ago based on someone’s memories of the game cause I didn’t have a cab to measure.

Deadfrog’s looks more accurate cause in the PDF layout the buttons are too far apart.

Anyone who’s been to an arcade can tell you that there are a billion and one ways a layout can be bad. I have played on some ridiculous machines and I’ve seen people post pictures of and stories about even worse. This certainly doesn’t help because we’re a very picky, spoiled bunch… a difference as minute as an eighth of an inch can bother us.

The SF layout I personally measured… yeah, I was dopey enough to bring a ruler into an arcade. I’ve used a fair number of SF cabs, both good and bad, and I know what feels right when I touch it. In case you’ve never seen a vs. game cab, the layout is exactly the same as any other SF game.

The American layout for Tekken is usually just the SF layout minus the right-most two buttons. The distance between the stick and the buttons is sometimes shorter. As a general rule actually, the distance between the stick and buttons can be changed with minimal complaint or consequence.

Truthfully, I haven’t seen the American layout used since TTT. These days I think everyone–outside of Korea–prefers to use the Japanese parts and layout (as on all dedicated 5/DR cabs), or just to play on console with the PlayStation controller.

I have never seen a T4 cab and I don’t really want to. :lol:

The UMK3 layout I figured out by looking at pictures, and using logic (ie. extrapolating from the SF layout). I believe it’s the same as the vanilla MK3 layout. MK1 and MK2 use the same layout minus the lower left button.

I have never seen an MK4 cab and I really don’t want to. :rofl:

use standard layout Astrocity +1left button

The arcade I used to play MK at used a standard SF layout with:

HP - Block - HK
LP - Run - LK

I like this layout better because on a regular MK one the Run button just seemed too far away (I have small hands).

Jesus Christ, what a layout. :looney:
This is why I’m glad my mom never let me play Mortal Kombat.

i just gotta stick that has the same sf layout but I play MK like


I want to eventually build two sticks, one with MK standard layout and one with sf layout. i say if your use to sf use the layout i stated above. its alot easier then adapting to the block in the middle and run all the way out…

Same here. Moms are the same.

Run was introduced in MK3.


There is a video of ILovePoop’s custom UMK3 stick.

The layout looks like this:

—HP - _ - HK—
—LP - _ - LK—

lol thanks for the shoutout, i was the one who asked you to pt in your guide, here is the actual link to the PDF, and a link to all the MK information anyone could ever use

Perfect, this’ll help me out alot.