Umk3 and xbox live problem


i just got into umk3 its so sick never knew this game was so fun i was street fighter all the way for like 12 years and i want it on my xbox 360 but they pulled it from the store is there any other way to get it ed boon if you read this help me out lol!!!::sweat:


nope. it will return at some point, but no info is known at this point in time.

BUT there are better ways to play UMK3 sans XBL. :coffee:


HAHAHA alright thanks for the info


Yeah Tim and I were talking a little about it. I saved this rather epic pic:


Twitter / Tim Static: @MK_MortalKombat Has there …

Twitter / Mortal Kombat: @Tim_Static There is no ea …


Gotta be from the sales of IPs - licenses are complex.