UMK3 Human Smoke Juggle Execution Question (+ quick intro)

Hey everyone at SRK. I’m IsshunSengeki, and you might find me by that name on GGPO.
Anyway, firstly I’d like to say sorry in advance if I have put this in the wrong board, it just seemed like the right place to post an execution-related question (execution doesn’t count as strategy, right? :bgrin:).
So, I’ve decided to pick Human Smoke as my main character for UMK3. I’ll admit that my decision was a little based on character rankings, but I think Scorpion’s cool, and so Human Smoke seemed like Scorpion with faster footspeed and pop-up combos.

Here’s the juggle I’m trying to do:
HK>D+LP>D+HP, aaHP, spear, HK>D+LP>D+HP, JK, air throw (10 hits, 48%)
I’m having trouble connecting the air throw from the JK, so does anyone have any execution tips? Is the JK supposed to connect deep? Any help would be appreciated.