UMK3 MAME/Kaillera P2P Tournament!


***** Brought to you by Juggs, Dirtylova and MKE! *****

If you don’t have MAME/Kaillera + UMK3, PM me for details!

Tournament Registration Deadline: TBA

Tournament will start: TBA

UMK3 Tournament Rules:

-Double Elimination
-Early Matches First to 4 (Best of 7).
-Losers Final First to 6 (Best of 11).
-Winners Final First to 6 (Best of 11).
-You will be DQ’d if you do not show.

Sign Up Format:
Name / AIM/MSN/Yahoo Messenger (preferably AIM or MSN)

1. oBryant – AIM: Amuka91
2. AREZ G.O.W. – None
3. Dirtylova – None
4. Konqrr – ** AIM: kgcampb**
**5. Krayzie Bone **-- AIM: Krayz1eBone86
6. valensoleMSN: AIM :valensoleTR
7. Wonder Chef – None
8. STORMS – **AIM: VLADsuperior **
9. Dark_Rob – AIM- xposethedarkside
10. REO – AIM: BiohazardR30


Sign up here, or visit us at ->!&p=3165#post3165


Sounds intresting, im not a MK Player but my friends. Anyways ill tell them about this and it would be so nasty when they know about it.




This tournament will be run on p2p. P2P stands for “peer 2 peer”. It’s so you connect directly to your opponent, instead of using a server. It greatly reduces lag and delay, and is the best way to play UMK3 online. Depending on what version we’re using (MAME ++, or MAME 32k.64), we will go from there. This isn’t too complicated, and if you can’t figure it out, you can just download hamachi.
For linksys router:**

  1. First, copy your existing MAME into another folder. Label it P2PMAME, or something similar.

  2. Then go here -> and download the first link labeled “kailleraclient.dll”.

  3. Go into your P2PMAME folder.

  4. Find the kaillera.dll file that’s already in there, and delete it.

  5. Replace that file, with the file you downloaded.

Now to host or connect using P2P:

  1. You’ll need to open up some ports for other players to connect with your machine.

  2. Type in your explorer.

  3. Type “admin” for username, and “admin” for the password.

  4. Go to where it says “Applications & Gaming”.

  5. You should now see this -> Port Range Forward|Port Triggering|DMZ|QoS

  6. Click on “Port Range Foward” if you’re not already there.

  7. Under “Application” type in “Gaming”

  8. Under “Start” and “End” type in “27886”.

  9. Leave the next part at “Both”.

  10. To get the last 3 numbers of the IP, go to “Start”. Which should be at the bottom left.

  11. Go to “All programs”.

  12. Then to “Accessories”.

  13. Then go to “Command Prompt”.

  14. Type in “ipconfig” and press Enter.

  15. When it comes up, scroll back to the top.

  16. Under “Wireless LAN…”, you’ll se “IPv4 Address”.

  17. The last 3 numbers of that, go into the IP address under the “Port Range”.

  18. Then put a check mark by “Enable”

  19. Click on “Save Settings”, then click continue.

  20. Now exit that out.

After you’ve done that, you should be good to go. All you’ll need now is your opponents IP if they’re hosting, and they’ll need yours if you’re hosting.

  1. Now that all the above is done, start up “P2PMAME”.

  2. Highlight “Ulitmate Mortal Kombat 3”

  3. Right click and go to “Play network game”.

  4. If you want to connect to someone, get their IP and enter it under “connect”.

  5. If you want to host, give someone your IP, and go to “host”.

This is it. I know it sounds like a lot, but follow these instructions and you will be good! Props to 9.95 aka Phil for this info.


Hey i like UMK3, but i dont have the kaillera, i saw how to do it but im too lazy to do it right know … i’ll try tomorrow, but sign me up!

r0kzztar - AIM(i will update soon)


I dont have MAME, where can i find it?


I used to use Kaillera but i stop because i would get out of sync with the other player.This happens on godweapons server and p2p kaillera.Any way to fix this?


Sorry about that, been busy with real life stuff. The tournament is post poned. It will be ran on an agreed date. It would be better to be ran on the weekends, but I am busy on the weekends. Any help is appreciated.


Sounds really interesting, i am not a MK Player but my friends.because i am much busy in my a+ certification along with ase practice test and work harder in ccda Anyways i will tell them about this and it would be so nasty when they know about it.Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked this site and emailed it to a few friends, keep it up.