UMK3/MKT video guides by MKK Venezuela

Check them out at in the videos section then click on tutorials.

By MK Kompetitive team Venezuela.

Chapter 1 - Kano and Chapter 2 - Smoke are already out. Chapter 3 on the works and stay tuned for the next chapters!

Waiting for some feedback!

THX to Nether at for hosting and DJ-b13 for being the inspiration on the vids layout!:tup:

I have to say it: great job. especially on smoke one. the setups & mixups r top. great name for “cocky combos” section! plz keep 'em coming! I use some of the stuff shown in both vidz usually and I’m definitively gonna use the other tricks! the cancels r awesome, dude. dream theater rlz!!:clap:

That was a nice vid hanzo. it has some of the best smoke combos i’ve seen. :tup: can’t wait for vol.3.

/me waits for Sinala to come in and rape.


if these are tut. videos, try posting HOW to do them during a tut video instead of people guessing what you are doing. Just thought that might help. (im going off other tut videos I have seen in the past with thirdstrike and all… maybe im spoiled.)

Nicely done!

Can’t wait to see one for Kabal / Sub / Ermac. :tup:

Thx ninja… Venezuela vs Colombia might happen soon!

Thx for the props Snknut and vol. 3 is shaping up nicely!

Since when people compete in wich tutorials are the best? :confused:

Ok valid point but that will be too much buttons info on the screen at once! But i will take that in mind. Its just that the MK combos are very fast and i think that a lot of button presses appearing on the screen will only confuse the player because he/she will not know where to look at. Also, the strategy/miscelaneous section are labeled to help the player know when to do somethying or not.

Thx for the comment sixtymhz:tup:

Ok. Ermac is a potential character for an upcoming chapter (not 3).

Thx everyone:tup:

I wouldn’t mind having a text file that explains briefly how to do each setup in each section. That could easily be zipped up w/ the video.

Maybe release a .txt file showing the combos.

But I dont think it would be much if you do the combo, pause, show the next set of commands, etc… like I said, the 3s tut videos spoiled me. I think has a them hosted.

Yeah that would be a good idea like in thongboy’s 3s video where he paused and show the commands for the combos and how to do them on the top. As of right now those smoke combos are a little too advanced for me to figure out on my own so this would be a good idea.

Nice videos Hanzo…if anything try having it in slow motion while doing the inputs on the screen…so it doesn’t zoom by fast. So have the character do the combo then re-do it in slow motion with the inputs showing while the move happens. just a tip ha…besides that great job. Take care.


For the DTZ tutorials we plan on doing a slow motion thing and having button identification on screen, there won’t be as many combos per capita because it’s not necessary to show anything but the best combo in any given situation, people can figure out how to dumb combos down on their own, if you show them everything they won’t actually learn. The Smokes video looked like a combo exhibition and very little tutoring, even though there was a significant amount, it was overshadowed by the pointless number of combos. I showed the Prophet both vids, I’ll tell him to post in this thread with his comments.

Id’ like to consult with Chicago, but Lex hasn’t answered me in a long time and Moe hasn’t been on.

Hanzo - standing HKs are the best punishers in any given situation, specially with characters like HSmoke - put aside the fact that he has 50%+ punishers, use a superior HK instead and proclaim to your opponent “I don’t need corny combos to beat you bitch.”

Please re-edit and re-do the vidz you have released already to reflect this UMK3 reality.

EWA - Gill Get it right or I’ll have to beat you down with Classic Sub again. I think he’s still building his meter for an MK Resurrection super. :devil:

I think these guys r right. maybe redoing the vidz and putting in some text explanation in slowmo, or a txt file zipped with the vid might help. as for the combos, I think hanzo’s intention is to show some unseen combos, instead of doing a whole combovid with tons of boring combos and only 10 combos worth of watching…transcripts plz!! I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate 'em.

hence my comments that were directed into makeing it seem more like a tut video.

Shocks vids > all mk vids*

No nut riding because MK sucks, just stating fact.

Thx everyone for the feedback. The slo-mo thingie was considered and even implemented in a beta of the Kano vid but was scrapped because of little time to edit them…

maybe a re-release would be a good idea after all…BUT:

Since DTZ guys will implement that idea too…I dont want to release a vid and ythen everybody goes in like: " hey copycat" and stuff… Im tired of the MK flame wars…

True to an extent Prophet but that is an OPTION and the other OPTION is to go for damaging combos. As you may have watched in our old matches vids we risk a lot in them. We prefer that agressive manner to lay than wait for the opponent to miss an attack or stuff like that. As SF Alpha 3 will say: “Go for broke!”:tup:

I have seen in many of your matches that when you catch a ninja teleporting, you go for an Uppercutt. That is pretty basic and you fail it most of the time… so…why bother to go for an uppercutt when I am CAPABLE of pulling in a match the 90% of all of the combos in the vids? All of them are vs possible. So I just decided to share my knowledges with everybody.

aaHK is pretty basic…I think everybody can do it…so…why bother?


Huge THX to everybody for feedback and sugesting stuff.:tup: