UMK3 Online Mame32.6 and .119 needs more players!

[YouTube - Real 2 vs 2 UMK3

The west coast is lacking in UMK3 players with new programs soon to be on there way and new servers popping up were hoping to expand the UMK3 online scene.

(nwo and Mcnasty VS MGentLIFER and RandomSelect)](

Playing UMK3 on Kaillera using MAME32++ .119, Real 2 vs 2 in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, on Kaillera.

(4 players) nwo and Mcnasty VS MGentLifer and RandomSelect

Fully automated server side command swapping. Made possible by the UMK3 Unlocker 1.2 beta.

for more info visit The Home of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Kaillera Players

CMK’s UMK3 Tournament (9-24-2010)

Tournament run date: 9/24
Hosted by: McNasty (and staff)

This is a Kaillera Tournament, however MAME++0.119~ P2P is the primary playing format.

If you do not have MAME installed on your computer and/or need assistance with getting it set up, please follow the link below for detailed instructions:
Guide to MAME


* Best of 13 matches (first to 7 !)
* Once brackets are posted, a given timeframe will be given (approximately 7pm EST).
* Record your matches for a cmk showcase on youtube later on ?
* Tourney duration will be 1 evening.
* Counterpicking is allowed, just try to be a good sport overall.
* In order to register, you must post in this thread. Do not message CMK staff.
* If you have been previously banned from CMK, you are not permitted to enter the tournament. CMK staff reserves the right, at any time, to disqualify any participant.


* If a player willingly quits than that player is eliminated for the entire tourney *lag exception see below
* If a player no-shows a match or does not complete the matches he is disqualified
* If a person is lagging severely with several people, intentional or not, that player may be removed from the tournament.
* Anyone suspected of purposely lagging a match to gain an unfair advantage will be disqualified.


* If connection breaks, then both players must restart the match with the same characters (prior round win is omitted). If the breaking connection is suspicious like breaking right before a victory than the player has a right to report it.
* In the case of lag, keep trying. If after a few tries the connection is not good, please report back to the hosts  IMMEDIATELY and a new matchup may be made for you with another opponent (reserve).
* *You will have up to the 3rd match to quit on account of lag if it is really unplayable without being faulted (after the 3rd match is played you must continue the rest of your 10 remaining matches even if lag begins to creep in.) You must notify your opponent you are quitting due to lag and must report this asap in this thread in order to get a new opponent otherwise you may both be disqualified. Therefore it is best to play early in case you may need to swap opponents as there may be no available opponents left if all matchups have been played. This lag exception ONLY applies to first round matches. Semi's and Finals must be played regardless of lag.
* If a person is DQ'ed, and another opponent cannot be found for the remaining player, then a reserve will be used. If there is no reserve, than the player will receive a bye. Byes only allowed in quarterfinals. if a replacement player is needed in the semi's or finals, it will be determined from the previous rounds' highest scoring losing player. If there is a tie than the winner will get to pick.

In order to optimize internet speed, Please DO NOT:

* have anything other than MAME running on your PC
* any 2.4 ghz cordless telephone calls


When playing your matches, be sure to dedicate your PC to MAME.
This means closing all applications like; browsers, messengers, scanners etc.
The last thing you want to happen is getting DQ’d due to lag.

See you the 24th of September!


  1. McNasty

  2. Miss Spin

  3. X820

  4. Dreamcatcher

  5. MGentLIFER

  6. ChickenWingsST (aka funbagz)

  7. CrazySlasher27

  8. Davey_8000

  9. GoldenOreos

  10. psycho4rent

  11. R3O

  12. MK3fan

  13. ¼ good

  14. RoGE

  15. dookiebrain

  16. FreezerBurn

  17. Konqrr

  18. FatalTragedy