UMK3 TE stick mod

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Select the “UMK3 Arcade” in the preset dropdown box, then click the Apply button.

I used a TE stick modded with this last night at casuals and it was 10x better than my AIAB stick. It felt more responsive, lighter, and more like the real thing than I’ve felt in 15 years. With it, I pulled off a sick variation of Kung Lao’s infinite for 94% that I was trying to do earlier in the evening with my stick to no avail. Going to be getting my own TE stick soon and applying the mod myself.

There is a bit of tweaking inside the stick for the buttons (HP and Run), but it’s no big deal.

Here’s a pic of the stick I used recently:

Good stuff.

But your AIAB is while awesome, quite a weird layout. I <3 Art and his stuff (already used him for some TE stuff) but for MK, AIAB or a cab.

BUUTTTT…i plan on getting one of my TE’s modded into UMK3 layout just because.

again, Good shit K. :wink:


I don’t have big enough balls to try something like that on my own. I would love to turn my TE stick UMK3 style.

Edit: Tim you double post… a lot. lol

I thought so too Tim, but after trying this stick after my stick (the button layout doesn’t bother me at all), it was night and day. The AIAB stick seemed like it had some delay on inputs or maybe all the SF4 training I put it through… dunno. I prefer the TE mod for sure now and will get mine soon.

Wow, that looks very nice. I would think about doing that myself except my 360 TE stick is the only one I have for that system, so it would be unusable for SF4 and HDR.

Now this is what I’m talking about. Although it has the run button like the old arcade set-up (obv. since it’s for UMK3), it’s still preferable over the three on top three on bottom six-button set-up that I see so many people use. If I get an MK stick (for MK9), I want an MK stick…not a Street Fighter stick that I use for MK. Ya know? Just like the pic but w/out the run button. :slight_smile:

Will MK9 need a similar button layout?

Hecter Sanchez (Team MK) already confirmed the layout will be like classic MK, but instead of High & Low, its Front and Rear (JUST LIKE BLOODSTORM!!! :sad:)

FYI, you can still get an AIAB with MK layout already that is about equal in price, not to poop on this thread, but i guess i am an AIAB fanboy! ^.^

What joystick did you replace with?

would be great if i could just buy a panel that has the holes cut out and i can just move my buttons and stick over. the past year i’ve bought 3 arcade sticks so i just don’t have that kind of money anymore to spend.

If you got a TE, just get it modded with UMK3 layout. or make your own box, etc. a DIY project :wink:

or sell the sticks you got and get an AIAB! :coffee:

i wouldn’t get as much as i paid for them back and i can’t mod or build anything of my own. only tools i own are screwdrivers and such which where enough for me to change buttons and add plugs to all of my sticks. i’m trying to buy a computer so i can’t buy a new stick any time soon.

i was wondering how did u order the umk3 pexi planel from art hobbies

Go here:
Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

  1. Pick either the Full or Extended Plexi.
  2. Check the “Using Custom Panel Builder” checkbox. (It doesn’t matter what configuration you choose, Art will use the custom one you build)
  3. Select your options
  4. Click the “Add to Cart” button
  5. BUY it
  6. Check your e-mail for the receipt/confirmation, it has the order number in it.
  7. Go here - Welcome to Art’s Hobbies
  8. At the top of the layout is a dropdown box that says “Select Preset Layout”.
  9. Select “MIDWAY - UMK3 Arcade” from the dropdown box.
  10. On the bottom right, put your e-mail address and your order number in the appropriate boxes…add any notes to the bottom box if you want, then click the “Save Panel” button.
  11. Wait two weeks and get your panel in the mail.

Got mine the other day and finished installing it today!

Here’s the pic:

Won’t the UMK3 Run become the MK9 Tag though?

most likely yes but we dont know exactly how it will work yet

I’d bet that it will be a macro. So while you can set the run button on an UMK3 stick to tag, you probably could get the same effect by pressing two buttons. It sounds like they’re going for a strict 5 button layout and all auxiliary commands will use the SF style of multiple button presses.

I actually think that’s a good idea. Why bother with a dedicated tag button that won’t be used in the basic game when something like “press both punches” can serve the same purpose?

Yea thats how it should be done for MK9…

…BUT with the RUN button! lol