UMK3 Tournament Results from ECCXI

For anyone in here who doesn’t look at the tournament results threads, here are the results for UMK3 from ECCXI:

UMK3 - 14 Entries - Results

  1. Shock
  2. Tom Brady
  3. Phi
  4. Julian Robinson
  5. Norman
  6. BustaUppa
  7. VDO
  8. Jeron
  9. RushedDown
  10. NKI
  11. DreemerNJ
  12. SCI (sub)
  13. RSigley (had to leave)
  14. Steve (had to leave)

Thanks to all the players who showed up, the outcome was better than usual believe it or not. Peace. I’ll have vids up soon and add them to this thread.

Edit: Vids are going up soon, I put up all 8 of the Grand Finals matches, both sets.

Check them out for now, it’s all Kabal vs Reptile, very intense, to fully appreciate it you have to understand Kabal’s advantages, I’m probably only going to put up the best from the other matches because there’s 2 1/2 hours of tournament footage, best 3 out 5s across the board so we could ensure everyone got enough playtime.

all matches look the same

Well, thats obvious because its all Reptile vs Kabal, and not many skilled Mortal Kombat matches don’t look too differantly from this.

no they look all the same because reptile j-wongs

What the fuck is J-wonging?

Good shit, I’ll check this.

get banned


When was the last time you have seen a sucessful rusher in UMK3 that wasn’t facing a sucky player?

Fuck that, any game except for the VS games.

He wasn’t turtling, but instead, avoiding fireballs from 30 feet away, and not eating long ass combos.

EDIT: Nice matches. I need to learn someone else besides Scorpian, Human Smaoke, and Cyrax.

I think I’ll start with Reptile.

Do you have videos from any of the other games being played? I heard Storm and Elena throughout the duration of those 8 matches. The Storm player must had won once or twice, because it sounded like she whored the shit out of the hp flying move.

This is why I posted “You have to understand Kabal’s advantages”

Kabal’s spin has 1 frame start up, meaning once it starts, you have to hit block the instant it does, or before it does to block it. So if you release block and try to counter with anything, you have 3 frames to hit him, and he has 1 to spin you. His run jab game is therefore incredibly pressuring, and his air fireball change up gets him out of counter rush down. His jump back, kick, air fireball strategy is virtually useless against Reptile because of the fast forceball, so that’s why he almost never used it. Kabal’s throw range is very good, which is why so often he gets throws intead of run jabs when the opponent is not holding back. After the first set, anytime I ran up to him inbetween his then more cautious runjabs (because of the slide) I just held back as I hit HP to start a combo, and I also placed a lot of HPs for him to run into, and scouted for kara jabbing if he went for a spin. There’s a whole lot behind these matches on both sides, Reptile vs Kabal is a great match because even though it’s uphill for Reptile, he has the mechanics to beat him. The only thing I wish I did better in these matches was his juggle combos because there were a lot of times I could have ended a match with 8 HP juggles where I only got 3 or 4, and I attribute that to the sticks being completely different (loose on P1, hard on P2 - not being able to get a consecutive rhythm the whole night except during one of my 16 win streaks against everyone). There is a huge difference between Jwonging and being forced to go on defense the whole match. The only thing I could have done was out-Kabal him, and that wouldn’t have been the way I want to win. Anyways, the rest of the vids that I am actually going to put up will be there Tuesday. By the way Khad, I’m MKIIKungBroken on MKO.

Good stuff EWA.

You explained why you shouldn’t rush Kabal in a way that anyone not scared of a simple block of text can understand.

I knew he had throw advantage.

I never noticed the spin advantage, or the jab stuff.

finally someone who understands how to respond to noobish comments. Ive been watching your vids for a long time now mk2kung good to see you and the rest of the clicka (DNJ etc.) are keeping umk3 alive. Now lets wait for the 360 release

He is basically right…

Nice to see reptile matches I guess. Too bad UMK3 sucks :wink:

Excellent stuff Ewa…and sorry but a question bc Im gonna pick this up…I admire people liek EWAshock sticking through and through with the game…

Is the re-release already back out yet?

I can’t wait to rewatch the skillful use of Unmasked Sub and Shang from Julian and VDO respectively. There’s something very entertaining about seeing bottom tier character being used to so well in high level play. Gotta love a balanced game…

no it does not suck… it is one of the few games with so close together tiers

Damnit, I wish I had a stick for the genesis, or a PC that works properly so I can play this game more.

I uploaded a bunch more videos, still a lot more on the way

2nd link isnt working for me :sad:

Typo, fixed it

as someone that plays umk3 a LOT i can appreciate any thread about it, especially one with good vids. nice.