UMK3 Tourny Match Videos from ECCX

Make sure you check out Julian vs Lex (Sub-zero vs Kung Lao) and Julian vs Shock (Sektor vs Human Smoke) for some really crazy action.


People dont block the j.punch links? (Yes they are blockable. d+BL when launched and opponent jumps in with deep j.punch to reset & recombo) Other than that good vids, particularly Lexs crossover Lao. Some dude used to play Lao like that back in the day but he wasnt as good as Lex. Great Lao Lex.

Thank you so fucking much.

It’s fucking REFRESHING to see some top notch MK play again.

God damn please keep it coming. :tup:

Good shit Matt bows. Your H.Smoke is just too good. And bahaha at Lex dive kicking under the double jump while julian puts his hands up and says “whaaaaaaaaaat?!”.

100, 100 > EI, EI

no fatalities ? … bah -____-

yawns zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ …

If you can time, or get lucky on the relaunch combos, you can connect the jump punch so close to (but not on the ground) that it makes the computer think the character should be on the ground, therefore standing them straight up. This also happens on jump kicks, HKs, and LKs, and any other move, as long as it’s time properly. Nightwolf was holding block, and could not block my jump punch. As a matter of fact, the Prophet got 5 relaunches with Classic Sub-zero on me last night.

i wish there were more players.

props to everyone there. my entire arm is sore.


Yeah i know youre talking about the jump in reset & relaunches. I never had a prob with them, i just pressed d+BL when i saw a jump in relaunch attempt. Sheeva cant block them 100% of the time cause of her extended legs (big hit box) on her fall. (she can block them about 94% of the time. she is ironically, shes the easiest one to do the relaunches on then its the robots IMO)

Ill bring out my UMK board to test a super deep jump in relaunch like you said, but im pretty (90%) sure it will still be blocked. Great matches though.

Wow, that Kung Lao 19-Hit was nuts. I believe its an infinite, is just he let the opponent go after the 19th hit. Love to see more match vids.

That Kung Lao infinite was sick!

ya its an inf. I was trying for a corner juggle after that roundhouse but was too far =(




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good shit!

It is crucial that you time it right. On the Robots and Sheeva, there is a bigger window to connect the jump punch in order to make the CPU think the character should be standing on contact, but, like every other character, the window to make it unblockable is difficult. There are some characters who it can connect on and only be not blockable like Kung Lao and Nightwolf, say with Kabal, all you have to do is hold up+forward after the pop up and he jumps perfectly insync with them, like Sub-zero, you will either juggle them, connect, or miss, Sonya, Human Smoke, and Ermac can juggle a lot of characters but you have to wait a split second before you jump forward because if you hold up and forward you will jump over them. Even if you screw up you are so close to them you can continue pressure, and if you connect, it’s a decent reward for an extra 15%+ damage or so to any standard combo, depending how many relaunches you can get. It’s really only worth the attempt on the Robots, Kung Lao and Nightwolf, and every character can be relaunched by at least one character.

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MK sucks

Where is shock vs lex?

Unfortunately, the matches were not recorded, there was no time to get the camera from my car that was 1/4 mile away from the place.

Shock defeated Lex in their tournament match. :badboy:

[no I’m not kidding]

yep he did. and prophet takes things too seriously

Robo Smoke > Human Smoke :devil: