Umm.. is it normal not to play anything like in the youtube vids?


Im not even talking about the hardcore nuts stuff, Im talking stuff from the tutorials. How much of the tutorials are really stuff they expect you to pull off and how much of it is them showing their skills? Like most tutorials I notice give great tips in the beginning, then they tap into some unholy shit at the end not for noobs.

I saw someone on youtube beat Gill consistently with almost perfects. For now I just want to be good at beating the game and then later I will switch styles to beating other people. I would love to compete in the tournaments years from now, but Im just not getting how people get to such high levels of skill.


you pretty much just layed out the gameplan man. learn how to play the game first. get the basics down. the knowledge you acquire on the path to learning this game just keeps growing, before you know it, you’ll be 1st place at evo man. just keep it simple and learn from the ground up.


what does beating gill have to do with this?

a pretty consistent tendency is the more difficult something is in 3s, the less use you get out of it as they tend to be situational or hard to setup. ive never made tutorials, but im sure the idea is to motivate you to get to the level where you need to use that stuff. you can’t use everything you see from jump street. i still revisit videos i first watched 3 years ago because as my perspective of the game changes, i learn new things from them.


I still lose to the cpu :slight_smile:


yeah ditto, gill is cheap as fuck, i’m always happy when i beat him which is rarely hahahaha


cpu has insane mindgames




The problem is that you are talking about accomplishing 2 different goals:

-The 1st goal you talk about is learning to play like how you see them play on youtube videos, which means that you want to get good at the game by learning combos/techniques that will help you beat other people.
-The 2nd goal you talk about is being able to beat 1p mode (beat Gill consistently, etc.)

These are two completely different things so don’t mix them up (one does not lead into the other). If you want to get GOOD (i.e. you can beat other people), then you need to practice the game a lot at the arcade against other human beings. If you just want to be able to beat 1p mode consistently, then just go get a ps2 controller and fiddle with 1p mode endlessly, maybe read up on a few existing threads on the CPU’s programming. I’ll tell you right now that the 2nd goal (beating 1p mode) is completely useless and boring. Most good 3s players don’t even beat Gill consistenly unless they use a trap in the CPU’s programming. For instance if you’re using a shoto and you press mp right on his wake up, Gill always block it, and if you delay a little bit and then shoryu it will hit like 90% of the time if executed correctly. Then you can just keep doing that until you kill him. This isn’t hard to do. But 1p mode (other than for practice) is a really lame way to spend your time playing the game.

If you want to get the most out of 3s, then go for the 1st goal (leveling up your game to beat other players). To do this you need to go out to the arcade and get your ass beaten by a shitload of people over a long period of time. It won’t happen quickly but the more dedicated you are to getting better the faster you’ll see results.


I know they are two different things, that is why I mentioned I just want to feel a feel of playing the game and getting good with it. And then later working on the tactics for other people.

I have beat Gill by freak accident in one try. Other times I use to only use two quarters on him if I got lucky. Now I seemed to regress and it takes 6-7+ tries. Now (because the Cpu is so cheap) i believe it IS worthy to at first want to be able to beat the CPU efficiently.

Eventually I want to go to the tournaments. And learn how to beat real people. I think I mentioned they play almost completely differently.

What I love about watching a SFIII3S match is even if there is no video label, you know when you are watching a player fight the computer and when they are fighting another person. Ive seen some SF4 tourney videos and thought they were insane. Look at those SF33S matches though, the parries and what not… Good god.


learning to play against the computer is almost a waste of time. useful for execution but thats about it. you can’t trick the computer.


could be a personal goal right? also there arent ways of tricking the cpu but you can exploit it. sometimes the cpu is smarter than a person, other times the person does more to preserve themselves than the cpu would.


I think that’s what they mean when they say “trick” the CPU.

Another shoto trick on Gill is if you’ve knocked Gill down… if you walk up right next to him and time a DP correctly as he’s getting up, the DP will always hit him. Slightly early or slightly late and he’ll block or parry or interrupt you. I’ve gotten double perfects on Gill like this (easiest with Ken; kara DPs and corner DPs). Never tried this on arcade btw, only on PS2. If you’re at an arcade, just play people…


The computer is never “smarter” then a complainant player.

the computer is only hard if you try to play against them like they were a person by mixing up your options. While in reality you should just keep doing the same thing over and over again.


makoto can keep doing command grab->st. fpxdash punchxn (aka the scrub infinite) to beat every character in the game

Ibuki can beat every character that can’t duck her standing jab by holding forward and repeatably tapping jab.

BTW these to options take little to no skill to preform and hell in mak’s case you will get a nice high grade too.


It could be a personal goal in the same way anything that won’t help you get better at beating living breathing people can be a personal goal. It’s still virtually useless for becoming a better competitor. This should be pretty obvious.


This is why I said they are two different things, you are still contradicting yourself.

To me it sounds like you’re trying to make an easy transition into competitive 3s by training in 1p mode, then using those skills so that you’re a little bit more familiar with the game by the time you play other people. This might work to a very small degree, but in terms of relative skill level it won’t help you much at all. Like pherai said it would help your execution a bit but it would be pretty useless otherwise. To really get a feel for the game and play the way they do on youtube, you gotta skip the 1p mode step and just get beat down by other people, try your hardest and learn from your mistakes for a long time.


learning combos in arcade >>>> learning combos in training mode.


ya definitely. my training method for learning new, difficult combos is start in training mode, and once i had it at a very high rate of execution in training mode, practice it against the computer until i can get a comparable level of execution i had in training mode.


playing the computer can make you better than you think but you have to do it right.

only whiff punish its normals, don’t attack and don’t take advantage of the computer doing stupid shit and don’t abuse shit the computer doesn’t know how to stop.
you’ll get better.

even against humans reactive play is better than tricks. tricks are cute. reaction punishes are DEATH.


Note: I want to be good at the two different things, Im not saying one comes from the other. Just a matter of preference. Get that part down. I want to be good at both, even if they are not related.

I noticed this a few years ago but completely forgot about it. Also for some reason, Gill is more open to jump in HP than jump in HK. Maybe because of the distance. So I am often comboing HP directly to DP.

And the video I saw where the guy gets near multiple perfects on CPU Gill was pure skill, timing, and memorization. Had something for everyone one CPU GIll’s tricks. I will check to find the video.

Also cheap tactics are ok against the computer but not against other human players. Personally I hate doing cheap or salty moves when playing either, but against another person I really hold off on that. They always have something to say even if you used it once, early in one round.

Im also trying the training mode practice for combos and parrying. Though I can almost never ever parry anything unless its slow moving. As for the combos, Im at the level where if I see a combo tutorial on youtube, I will NOT be able to do all of them no matter how many times I try. Maybe Im missing a few of the game mechanics for some of them. Still learning.


Playing cheap is essential. 3s gives you an option out of anything, so theres really no reason to ever whine, but players really good at playing cheap eliminate all but the riskiest options. We should all strive for that.

Make sure you’re learning the most practical combos first. Don’t get caught up in wild KYSG kinda stuff. Just start with hit confirms and basic punishes. Parrying is better to start training in actual matches. You get a lot more mileage out of learning just how to parry a normal than (red) parrying supers.