Umm... Next year suggestion thread... Or something

Im not sure how realistic or plausable this is… But is it at all possible that maybe next year there could be a portion of the room, or somewhere where people could put there sticks? Theres a huge issue of trust there of course. But I dunno if it was at all possible it would be cool I think. Carrying around your stick really sucks. And if somehow you could put it somewhere where it would acctualy be safe(again trust issue here)that would be cool I think. I dunno probably have to get another person on staff or something and just say you get a tag for your stick and you put a little sticker thing or who knows whatever on that stick so they know its yours… I mean every year arent people complaining about there shit being stolen or something? Yea anyway maybe im just lazy(i just said fuck it and left my stick in the hotel shrug), but I think it would be cool. shrug…

Also personaly I still say I kinda like EVO in california better. Heat is to much for me in vegas, and I dont like all the smoke smell and stuff. Isnt there any possible places nice hotels in california it could be at? Oh well guess im just in the less majority since I dont care about gambling shrug…

Also I liked more enterances like evo a couple years ago, and the year before that one.(I think those were the 2 with the good enterances.) Its time conusmeing I guess, but I think its more fun. So I was disapointed not to see them.

Oh and on a last note I guess, probably again not possible since tournies always run late, but how about no tournies starting before 9am. Personaly id like it if nothing started before 11am. Again probably not possible… But still shrug…

And umm I guess ill give my little shout outs here since I am already typeing. Thanks to everyone that ran the tourny yadda yadda, thanks to everyone that was cool yadda yadda, fuck you to all the people that suck blah blah. And special thanks to renorob for driving me a couple days, thanks to kono for buying me dinner one of the days, and thanks to jetphi and something trek??? Or something for letting me borrow there sticks durning the hyper tourny.

EVO should be in cali

BOO HOO at complaining about heat and smoke. Red Rock has AC up the ass (like 500 people in that conference room and you couldn’t feel anything resembling body heat) and if you went outside it was to go somewhere that had AC in it any ways. WTF are you gonna do at Vegas that doesn’t resemble gambling, finding a hooker, or going to club/show any ways? Go to Alaska with that shit.

The whole stick thing is an issue…well not for me. I have custom made Japanese stick that literally weighs like 3 pounds and can easily fit in a backpack with room to spare. A lot of the other guys there though were lugging around fucking amazingly huge MAS and custom American sticks. Like sticks that are barely under your eyesight when you sit down. Fucking ridiculous. There should be a special accomodation for those players so they don’t get their sticks stolen/have to look like a complete nerd walking to Panda Express with a fucking huge ass arcade stick next to them.

BTW HRAPs suck. Someone should make a boycott on those things. They all look the same and it’s too easy for someone to accidentally pick up yours and GGPO your stick. At least put your name on the stick or get some weird colors for the buttons so like 2 and 3 people aren’t running around asking “have you seen my HRAP”. Shit is lame. Japanese players aren’t used to home sticks so they must have just randomly bought some for the tournament. Every US player should really have a custom stick though. Spending money on an HRAP just to have to mod it with better parts is lame. Getting it stolen is lame. Start and select button fucking up finals is lame.

Evo at Vegas next year? Survey says… YES!

hahaha, like a stick check… give your stick and some lady gives you a ticket… when you’re up to play, you can get yo shit and get it checked when you’re done…

that’s not a bad idea

I don’t mind lugging my stick around or chillin in vegas/cali to attend evo
either would be fine.
It’s the fag that took my memory card i’m pissed about.

This year, we had no tournaments that started before 9a. They started at 9a, but never before. In fact, we ended up started around 9:15a/9:30a. It was last minute registration that started at 8:30a. Time is obviously an issue when we are trying to run 8 games. If you know you have to play early, then get yourself to bed earlier. Simple as that. Save the partying for later. We will try to work the time schedule more next year, but the start time will probably not change too significantly.

Intro entrances was something we tried to make as cool as possible. Since we missed it last year, we tried to bring it back with a bang. Unfortunately, we did not have the awesome spotlight and special walkway to work with. We were too busy trying to get finals running on time. So instead, I had to bust out with just the music. By the way, did anyone enjoy the selection of music? I tried my best to match personalities, but I didn’t really know more than 50% of the guys that participated in the finals. Some gave me their music, so that was taken care of easily.

Joystick holding area? That was an idea I came up with a few years back, but the consequences of have such an area would be too much. People always complain about losing their sticks and blaming us; asking for money or compensation. I understand it’s hard to lug a huge ass stick around, but think about it. It’s YOUR STICK! So you need to take care of it. Us staff even lose our own stuff because random fools think they’re the shit and come to our area and take our stuff. Nothing is safe, even if it’s in an area looked after by someone. All I can do is advise people to either mark your stick with a special symbol/word, carry your stick in a bag (ala Viscant and Valle duffle bag style), or go back to your room and leave it there. NKI lost his stick two years a row! And it was in the staff area! Ain’t that something?

Vegas seems like a good place because it has so many things to do then just playing video games. Shit, if I go across the country, you better know that playing video games would be the last thing on my mind.

Well possible solution for the stick thing would be to check it with the front desk.
Just put it in a bag, they give u a ticket with your name and a number. Then when you’re about to play(10 minutes prior or so), go down to the front desk and get it.

I’m working on a carrying strap for my sticks, you best believe that shit will be hot! All types of style too! Gucci and all that… maybe a butt pad so you can sit on the top the side of your stick (I saw many people do this) so it’s probably not a bad idea.

Maybe Evo can be sponsored by AXE next year, shit would be nice if EVERYONE smelled good. Free body shot sprays or some shit.

I don’t really like AXE all that much.

AXE is great if you want to smell like a Wal*Mart or some shit. Get some real cologne.

-More stations for casual play.

-Make brackets more visible. It’s difficult to see the letters with people crowding around the stations. I had 3 SRK staff members directing me to wrong brackets.

put a fucking gps tracker or something on your stick

evo back in cali or at a hotel that won’t screw us out of security deposit besides that no complaints besides the whole having to play in the bathroom for room casuals thing

there were casuals happening in the bathroom? dang i missed it.

Chairs, It sounds dumb but there wasn’t enough for the finals. I got lucky and managed to snake one away from some poor sap who went to the restroom. Anyhow more chairs for next year please.

yep the tv in the bathroom of the rooms were lagless on the back there was a hatch where you could put a/v cords and boom bathroom casuals i myself played in the bathtub

its actually insomnotek during the hyper tourney :wgrin:

carrying sticks around sucks, but if you have a t5 stick or hrap version stick, then you can take off the bottom plate and make it helllllla lighter. not so useful if you like playing on the floor though

No more Evo at station casinos. To get food at Red Rock was like a mile walk to and from the convention room.

I liked the Cali Evo setups better, the BYOC actually had it’s own room.

But if Evo remains in Vegas

Hooters would be perfect:

It’s on the Strip, the rooms are cheaper, plus you got your essentials for gaming…Alcohol, Boobs and chicken wings, what else can you ask for? :wgrin:

Kick out all the people who think it’s cool to heckle/talk shit to the anouncer(rockerfeller). That shit was fuckin gay…