Umm wtf happened?

I guess this goes for all charge-characters with those kinda supers… I guess

What happened: I was just playing against good old computer and I was fucking around with my P-groove team: Ken/Blanka/Cammy

I was up against some S-Joe and I was P-Blanka

Joe did a special (2 hurricanes) and I had my charge and I thought, why not, let’s see what happens and I parried both of them and pressed fierce and all of a sudden Blanka’s super came out after those two parries =/ which means I press db, f, f+p

I was playing on my Sega DC stick, japanese stick and buttons and stuff… and I parry by tapping with my palm… So I couldn’t have pressed db, f, b, f+p… Or did I? Any insight?

Edit: I was just trying to recreate it in training mode and I put on Key Display and then I saw that there was actually a back-motion involved… Maybe its my stick; that I tapped it, but while shooting back into position it accidently did a back motion… I went tapping forward and it actually happened yea, my bad…

Anyway, this now brings me to a new question: Blanka can still do a blanka ball after two parries… because I did so too when I tried to make sure it didn’t move to back between the parries… How is that possible? Maybe the time stops for a couple of frames with the parry-flash, meaning the motions can be delayed a bit? Which means that I was able to do a db, f, f+p resulting in blanka ball… Or is it the engine? That I can delay a move for quite some while (meaning: db, f, wait, p) ???

hmm thats kinda coo.Can you see if like on wakeup vs honda hand slaps if you can parry 2 or three times then super??

I know when someone jumps in and you parry it you can input the rest of the super and that works, but it would be kinda neat if you could do it after a couple parries.Like if you don’t have enough meter but parrying blanka electricity 3 times would fill the bar then super, can you test this out bro! And thx for the info

I checked it out for ya :slight_smile: I got a normal blanka ball out after 3 handslap parries, if there were more handslaps I got counter-hit ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue: but it might work after elec perhaps…? I dont know

I also got a super out after 3 parries… Its hard to get because Honda is so random and its hard for me to begin parrying, but I have only tried it 5 times or so now…

edit: Ill edit this post if anything happens this night yes its 11pm here :stuck_out_tongue: or maybe someone else can contribute… like whats happening? Why is it able to do this? Maybe Majestros or buktooth? they understand the cvs2 engine really well imo

So youre saying that the cvs2 engine holds your charge while you parry? Can I see some video of this?

OK, I have gotten 4 parries into super only ONCE, the timing on that is pretty strict… Im sure 5 doesnt work because I have tried, and only normal attack came out…

Obot: For you, Im actually making one with my webcam, ITS MAJOR SUCKAGE, the lighting is all wrong and stuff, but this is all Ive got, you can see that my Blanka is on the left side, and Honda on the right, he dashes and does his handslaps… Im gonna record it, but I dont have anywhere to upload… Ill hit you up on AIM when I got the vid and I will send it to you so you can see it =) Is that ok? whats your aim? mine is dormdormain, im online, hit me up

Edit: Got it, ITS REALLLYYYY BAD QUALITY, i have sent it to obot64 already… anybody else wants to see? hit me up :slight_smile: its only 500 kb or so… but dont expect anything wonderful

aim: dormdormain

Parrying and Jding store charges

Ahhh I guess thats the answer… Sorry if I made a dumb thread?

nah, I didn’t know about the multiple parry thing actually, so the thread is good. Anybody have any tips for doing this in K-groove? I want to be able to JD all three hits of a Ryu jump in combo with Blanka for example then easily super him after.

According to Majestros, “while Parry may momentarily postpone the loss of charge, it does not allow you to retain charge indefinitely the way Just Defending does.” (under SHGLboss Combo)