Umm… is it okay for your shoulder joint to hurt? for some reason my left shoulder joint (the arm I use for the joystick) hurts ;( especially if I try to do ultras, supers, or special moves in general.

I’ve been ignoring it for this whole week… but it just hurts ;( is the muscles there weak? or am I holding it wrong? the shaft is in between my pinky and ring finger.

What is actually doing the work? is it all fingers? or arm? or both?

Sorry I should have mentioned this earlier. Wondering if anyone else gets or got this.

I’d imagine it would be your wrist doing all the work, but I guess it all depends on the way you use your stick. Anyways, it might be RSI so you should be taking a break/talking to a doctor about it.

PS: I just realized the innuendo in the first sentence, but I can’t think of a less dirty one.

LOL, it’s okay ;D!

But yeah it could be RSI… so I’m worried… plus the pain just adds to the stress during play ;(. (sigh… I hope it’s just like weight training where it was because I never worked out those muscles before…)

I had the same freaking problem. I tried to change my movement a bit to make my wrist work more than shoulder. It helped a bit but didnt solved the problem. But after a while, it just went away on its own. Im guessing my shoulder simply got more resistant. Dont worry about it, it might just be temporary.

It might be your posture. When you are sitting there feeling pain make a conscious effort to find a more relaxed position so that you aren’t holding your shoulder in an non-relaxed position with your muscles tensed.

That’s why I was getting pain when I started learning how to play the guitar anyway. I wasn’t relaxed and was holding my arm in a way that put a lot of pressure on my shoulder without realizing it. You don’t normally sit with those muscles tight or with your arm slightly raised and held in place for long periods of time.

Yeah… except on guitar it hurt on my right shoulder… ;(. Yeah that’s true ;P. Still trying to do that for BOTH guitar and street fighters LOL!

Hope it’s temporary… ;/…

If you’re using your shoulder to use your stick, you’re doing it wrong, VERY wrong. It’s all in the forearm/wrist.

But damn if you haven’t done something like working out to actually hurt your shoulder, and you somehow managed to hurt your shoulder playing video games, I think you need to play less games and go do something that SHOULD be able to give you sore muscles.