Ummm.... A little get together?

Its been awhile and seriously in the mood for some 3s, HD, and IV if anyone wants to have a get together or meet up. Uhh… just hit me up, I can crash anywhere Friday if I need too. If you guys got a plan lemme know.

Come to Versis on thursdays in Gresham. HDR and SF4 can be set up easily, while we’ll need a CRT for 3s.

You can find the Versis thread here! Highly recommended if you’re within 50 miles of Portland. :tup:

Virsaga, i got room at my place. if you don’t mind spooning.

Well Thursday I have to work that night.

Mac lol I’m down to go if you are?

you could hit up ground kontrol they have a 3s machine

but would anyone go friday?

What time do you get off on Thursdays? I mean we’re all at Versis till ungodly hours. haha

Ground Kontrol is limited if you aren’t 21. Minors can only stay until 5pm.

Ray, totally off topic, but the match Pasqual recorded between your Gen and my Sagat, had I Uppercutted/EX uppercutted when you did the drop dive kick thing in the last round, would TU/EX had taken priority?

The angle seems off, so I think Gen wins here.

You could always try, but the timing would be very crucial if it works at all.

I get off about 10. Friday after 5 will be a great day. Or sometime next weekend?