Ummm .... ( infinite / 100% CC combo )



The video has already been posted in the video thread. But yeah… can’t say I like this infinite.

I know stuff like this isn’t new to kof but I’d like it if they removed it in a patch for the game.

Not unexpected.

Custom combos always end up like this.

already posted it in the facebook page in the feedback thread, hopefully they’ll be aware of it. I think it might be another post patch problem like the Raiden glitch.

HOKUTO! Hyakuuuuretsu KEN


So has anyone tested this combo? Is it practical in a match, etc.?

It’s a corner CC combo. That’s enough limitations already I’d say.

I tried it several times in practice mode, for some reason I can’t get it to work. I tried short hop and then Hyper Hop, none of them made Joe stay in the spot. I might be doing something wrong, but after 30 minutes I decided to stop. =/

That isn’t cool. Can be avoided but it still should be fixed.

It’s possible to do in a match, yes.

The set up is pretty much exactly the same as his Arcadia combo which is:
(f+B -> HCF+A) x2 (opponent cornered) > rising hop D (END OF CC) > falling jump D > stand C > CD > QCFx2+P

Infinite is:
(f+B > HCF+A)x2 (opponent cornered) > rising hop C (END OF CC) > falling jump C > stand C > mash C

What i suspect is the problem, as it looks similar to what happens in Chin’s infinite, is that once you jump in at a certain depth the game doesn’t recognise it needs to push you back on moves which hit multiple times.

It’s not hard to land either, i got it to work more than 50% of attempts and someone with better execution could probably get it to work 100% of attempts.

Hmm…I guess maybe it was a bad call switching Joe for Andy on my team?

:karate: <–Joe says, “Look ma, 100%!”

Next question: do we or is it even possible/necessary to ban this?

Shut up arstal.

seriously though, someone should edit [media=youtube]Mz3jYkZMqqA[/media] into the OP vid

Banning the infinite is a ridiculous notion, there are already 2 others that exist. Besides, even if it is practical execution wise, it’s reliant on the enemy landing a critical counter near a corner. If it means taking a few throws before their CC bar expires, so be it. Talk of bans should be out of the question.

No, you must play to win! Because if we ban this it’ll just ruin the game, the competitive scene. Bugs and glitches are high level yo.

Hopefully it’s patched out.

We already know it’s being patched out.

You can read it right here in my interview!


Oh wait…wrong link.

HAHAHAHA that’s fucking ridiculous.

Is it really hard to ban these?

I swear if this becomes another infinite fest game. I will have to quite it, ( or at least never expect to play in tournaments due to my stigma towards infinite’s)