So recently I heard some news about Kuroda having given up the game…Does this mean that we can pass along Kuroda DVD footage on here now? I mean the reason (or at least the reason I was given) people didn’t wanna pass that shit around was because of Kuroda’s threat to quit playing the game if his dvd got passed around.

Now that he’s done it anyway, can we just ignore sir eks and do as we like with them? I don’t really think international copyright laws protect his shit all the way over here. Unless they do.

Is there some other reason for this that doesn’t involve some mod or admins nose smelling like deh poo?


I didn’t think anybody actually took his threat seriously. I uploaded a few clips to help the 3s community out, but I would never upload a DVD just out of respect. I think even if he did quit, they will continue selling the DVD’s at Game Versus. Not to mention Game Versus is recording and uploading the Dan Ranking battles.

i thought hes gonna play this years sbo.

The man finally ran outta bottle drinks.

No, thread closed.