UMV3: the best way to practice for a new team


I’ve been trying out some new teams lately but every time when i go online to try out my new team, i get my ass kicked by the typical wesker/dante/ virgil team. training mode doesn’t help much for me and mission mode does not help at all. Is there any way where i can effectively practice my new team for online?


I don’t really understand your problem, why would you want to train FOR online? Online is the place you go to get practice for your team…not the place where you are supposed to play well, thats tournaments and events, but I guess this is just my perspective.


This is blasphemy. As long as you are productive in training mode it always helps. Perfect your combos, and then perfect them while simulating lag. after that see what else you can do to optimize the combo, such as adding an assist for more damage, or removing unnecessary light attacks. If a combo never lands on anyone, find out why. Is the first hit too close range to be practical? If it goes into the air, are you continuing the combo too early or too late? I’ve had the game almost 2 months now and these were some of the problems I’ve already fixed because of training mode. I’ve taken my original 300k damage combo for one bar with Felicia and turned it into 650k for one bar. Bottom line: training mode always helps


And since this is Marvel might I stress the importance of also creating, and perfecting, your set ups. In this game set ups are at least, if not more important, then combos.


Go to training mode and figure out your combos, your setups, how to incorporate your assists into your combos and gameplay, and optimise the shit out of them.

Training mode doesn’t help? Training mode is all you got, unless you’re willing to get your ass kicked over and over again online. This isn’t the type of game you can just pick up instinctively, you’re going to have to put in the work in training mode to figure out your combos.


Training mode is awesome. This is what I do when I try out a newer team. Practice my combos till I have them down very well. then turn CPU on in training mode and set them at very hard and try to hit my combos in there as much as I can while practicing cross ups and making sure to capitalize on happy birthday moments… If you want the feel of online play then change the lag latency to what you are normally use to playing. Over time memory and reflexes will kick in but you will still have to work at it. Then tackle online.

If you would like I would be more than happy to run some sets with you for fun. if you are playing on Xbox. GT: II Lika Sir II