UMvC 3 Brady Guide

I was wondering if anyone who was watching WNF last week saw/heard what exactly Ultra David and James Chen did to the guide to make it easier to scan through. It looked great and they said something like, " take it to Kinko’s".

Anyway, if anyone knows or has any info I’d appreciate it.

You take it to Kinko’s and you scan it!
Eh? EH?

what did they do to it?

I think that they mentioned that Kinko’s can unbind the guide so that you can hole punch it and arrange it better. They wanted it to be alphabetical not alphabetical by Marvel then Capcom. After that, I’m pretty sure that they put letter tabs into the binder to make it super duper easy to flip to based on letters.

That’s awesome. Would take forever to put together though.

And messing up would be expensive.

Yeah, it might take a little bit of time. I think the primary reason that he talked about it was for commentary and whatnot. It makes it MUCH easier to go look at frame data, a move name, or any other little bits of trivia than the guide does while being split by New/Marve/Capcom/DLC. And the amount of time it takes next to the amount of help during commentary and the increased durability is pretty nice.

I would love that so much.

I think I have some spare tabs lying around. Hmmm

EDIT: The only problem is that, for example, the back of Vergil’s last page is the front of Captain America’s first page. Messes up the alphabetizing.

=D If you end up doing it lemme know, I would love to see some picture of the final product!

I took it to OfficeMax. For $1, they cut the binding off without losing any of the information inside close to the spine. Other places do this too, Staples or Kinkos or any similar mom n pop shop, whatever you have near you. Then I bought a 2.5" binder and a pack of 60 tabs. The whole thing ran me about $10 and the OfficeMax run took maybe 10 minutes. Then I alphabetized the characters and stuck them along with a tab sheet for their name and an extra blank piece of lined paper for notes into their respective character sections. That took maybe 15-20 minutes. Yes, the irrelevant character profile/story bs gets detached from the useful information, no big deal.

Half an hour of work and $10 for a functional, accessible Ultimate Marvel guide? 100% worth it.

fucking lawyers always thinking of the smart shit.

nice. now i need to see if aus has anyone comparable so i can get this done asap.


<3 I was going through the guide while watching WNF and thought to myself how much better I can organize it with things I use at work (law firm lol), and then BAM, there you were on stream talking about what looked like a fun little project.

Thanks for all the responses, I’m on my way to officemax to get this done and I’ll post pictures later.


The guide is big to be sure, but I never would have thought it would be so confusing and hard to navigate for someone, that they would want to have it reformatted, for lack of a better word. If you have money to burn, I guess.

I don’t think it’s so much that it’s hard to navigate or confusing it’s just that the layout makes so little sense and this setup is just so much easier and better organized than the original. Not that the original is bad, but when you’re commentating and you need to look up quick facts about a character in the middle of a heated match this just makes things even easier.

Umm not that it’s hard to read or anything like that, but with some tabs and a 3 ring binder, it’d be so much faster to locate what you’re looking for. It’s not “confusing and hard to navigate” they actually did a great job, I’m just trying to make it faster to get to things and yea, I have $10 to burn :slight_smile:

Or if you need to navigate to information before it becomes irrelevant with a fraction of your brain while continuing to talk to thousands of people.

Edit: what are you guys talking about, the layout is ridiculous. I don’t remember the exact layout anymore, but it was like

New characters

Returning characters

DLC characters (lol, not returning?)

I don’t want to have to go “Is it a new character? No. Is it a Capcom character? Yes. Now that I’m in this section, lemme flip through each page to find it.” I want go “There’s the tab I need, boom.” They could only have created a less practical organizational system if they threw out the alphabet.

the reason i like ud’s system is so that i can put notes down of my own via a 3 ring system. table of contents is good enough for me as far looking up characters… though it is a bit of a stress at an extra 10-15 secs to look up the character and page every time i need to find someone different.


The looking up stuff in a middle of match argument doesn’t make much sense, because UltraDavid and Chen have said in an interview that they can barely finish thoughts in the middle of a match because things happen so fast and unexpectedly, so I can’t imagine looking up something in a book would ever be practical, no matter how organized it is.

That said, if it makes things easier, more power to them.

Heh you can talk TO me ya know, I’m right here. Most of the time we don’t need to look things up anyway cause we have a pretty good grasp on things, but now with the ability to confirm stuff on the fly we’ll probably do it between matches or I’ll do it while James is talking. At last week’s WNF I wanted to confirm Strange’s health number so I just saw Strange, flip, verify. Took 3 seconds while James was talking, no prob. Obviously if something big had happened in between I would have dropped it, but that’s not always the case.