UMVC 3 Chris Redfeild team composition



In Umvc3 zoning is more viable as a strategy, chris becomes stronger as a character. Now if your priorities with chris if your zoning is to have great zoning assists to make it easier for him to zone.
With that in mind lets post our new chris teams that we have come up with.

Mine is:


with chris on point you can keep a safe distance while calling sentinels drones and you have to options, you can fire your machine gun right away or you can wait for the last drone to be near the opponent and then lay down a mine then fire your machine gun, Sentinel is a great number two he still can do big damage and keep away against some of the cast(any one who has a normal-large hitbox) and strider as your anchor with the level 3 x factor and the possibility of ourobors it is easy to open up your opponent

What are your teams?


Frank A, Chris A, Spencer A.

Chris is going to mainly be Frank’s Hype Man, but his Zoning gives the team some options.


I honestly love Strider’s Vajira assist for Chris. It tracks, so pesky super jumpers are going to have to watch out, it helps out if perhaps you are being outprojectiled and need an edge, and it gives you Strider, who is an awesome character in and of himself. Plus the hard knockdown is super useful for Chris, who can get a jumping magnum, jumping SMG, etc. into a full really damaging combo. The hard knockdown also lets him connect grenade launcher at the end of a long combo for a good 800k.


Chris, Haggar, Ghost Rider. Really want to make this team work.


I used to rock Chris/Hsien ko/Thor or Chris/Hsien ko/ Doom. I am waiting on UMVC3 to get delivered to my house so I am unsure about who I will be pairing Chris with this time.


I was thinking of using Chris/Dormammu/Strider. Or Dormammu/Chris/Strider.

I love chip damage.


How so? I only know how to connect grenades with a wallbounce assist in the corner…


Do a typical combo (c.m, h, f+h, s, j.mmhs, otg with smg, s, mmhs) as you land, call Strider, then do jump magnum for the ground bounce, and then Strider will hit with Vajra, and that causes a hard knockdown, which allows you to toss the M grenade for the grenade launcher to connect.


Haggar Tasky Chris

Tasky in the middle. Haggar or Chris starts.

Might need to change this team though.


arthur(powered up and sent to the back), hawkeye, and chris. chris is awesome and zoning and with arthur he out zones any zoner plus assist. arthur is the best zoning anchor if in gold armor so get this team.


Chris is my main and I’m having such a hard time with my team composition right now. Looks like Strider will be very good anti-air for him so I might give that a try. Other then that still having problems with a 2nd then.


While I don’t play either of them, I think Chris’ best friends are Strider and Spencer. Their assists to wonders for him in and out of combos and since neither needs a beam assist, you can use Chris’ mine assist which can be a huge pain in the ass for opponents because who looks for that when playing against Spencer or Strider?


Chris-SMG/Joe-Groovy Uppercut/Strider-Vajra

Chris and Joe can THC for reasonable damage (mach speed locks down the opponent for full grenade super hits) can followup with flamethrower
Joe benefits from SMG assist when doing IAD voomerangs
Joe’s Mach speed can DHC into grenade launcher (assuming the char was grounded when hit) I use Xfactor + another Mach speed followed up with grenade super. I know used 3 levels but can kill most chars even at lvl 1 Xfactor
Joe can DHC six canon into lvl 3 or sweep combo. sweep combo can only be done in corner.

I used to use Haggar in Vanilla but have switched to Stider as anchor.
Vajra assist is great in covering the space that chris cant.
Assist can be used to set up a number of combos for chris.

On the fun side of things with the new firing speed of the prone shot I have OCV’d newbs with only doing this move backed up with strider assist lol… almost got a perfect too but strider got hit one time lol


Can you explain how Chris would be Frank’s hype man?


Chris/Deadpool/Wesker, I call it team Light em Up. Thoughts?


Iron fist/ Task/ Chris


usin Chris, Sent, Strider now been havin good outcome the past day. I NEVER wanted to play sentinal but drones are very good for locking people down and giving chris time get a couple flame grenades down. Strider is another character I didn’t really wanna play but just tried him out… very awkward at first to use and confusing and his health IS BAD… litterally one combo from any good player will kill him but his mix up potential is crazy… I actually think one of the best in the game.

But his Varaj assist is GODLIKE. Honestly think it’s probably the best assist in the game minus PW’s powered up assist but I’m not counting that. It’s especially good for Chris because it does a hard knockdown which chris can start a vast series of different combos off of either pistol OTG or magnum. Not to mention you can do a full grenade launcher with the medium grenade OTG hyper allowing all the missles to hit with the strider assist.

If I am to drop a character it will be sentinal but right now I’m gonna rock this trio. As long as I play Chris on point I don’t think I can get rid of that strider asssist. It just DESTROYS opponents that just like to either super jump or fly up back which everyone knows is Chris’ biggest weakness. I really need to get better with strider though because he is made of glass.


My Vanilla team was Chris Tron Doom, but since Tron got taken out of the game I’m running Chris Hawkeye Doom.
It’s great since I play pretty keep away and lame, I dont have a big gameplan change when Hawkeye comes in. Chris’ self-cancelable cr.H now means I dont need Doom’s assist as a combo extender and I can use Hidden missiles.
I really think this team is solid.
Love doing loading grenade, when they go to punish DHC into gimlet. Also love doing sweep combo dhc into kiss of fire.


tbh deadpool is garbage in this game he really cant do anything by himself i wouldnt waste a team spot for him


ur entitled to ur opinion but ya…hmmm

DP is good for Chris’s anti air, and deadpool is not garbage by himself. that is just my .02 cents…not sure where to go with this…