UMvC Char order rule


Does the no changing order for winner rule only apply at stage select? Am I still allowed to hold an assist button to reorder my point each match? I play a team where I specifically order them in a way that i usually opt for my assist 1, but in bad match ups i go with the default team or my assist 2 hold without carrying my assist 1 to anchor in any of the 3 team variants. Can someone elaborate on this more?

If i’m not allowed to change the order from the previous game, am i still allowed to hold a button to change order on the first go?

Reword Misleading UMvC3 Character Order Rule
[Aug 25, 2012] ARK V! Feat. UVG Noel B, EG Ricky O, and EG JWong (Jacksonville, AR 72076)

Winner can switch the orders of assists…don’t know if that applies to switching during the loading screen.


character select must be the same order. You can switch up the assists by holding down buttons on the loading screen afterwards.


Awesome thanks!


I know the likelihood of this being answered after Evo is fairly low, but just so it’s clear (since there’s been some confusion in my community)…

You select your team. If you win the first game and your opponent counterpicks, you must select the exact same team BUT you can hold down your Assist button during the loading screen so that what was once Assist 1 (or Assist 2 if you choose it) is now the Point character for game 2? For ARK V we’re trying to adhere to Evo standards, but someone who watched the Evo stream said that a player wasn’t allowed to change character order during one of their matches contradicting this rule clarification.

Can someone clear this up for me? Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, as long as you pick you team on character select in the exact order as you did when you won, you can switch via in the game assist holding down mechanic for game two.


Awesome. Thanks MrWizard!