UMVC - Character crisis, help!

Hey guys,

As the title says i’m a bit stuck with my team in UMVC3, I’m pretty confident with two characters I have, but i’ve never really found a third. I’m really looking for a point or anchor here.

Right now I play Wesker / Doom, these are my main guys and i’m confident and happy with them, but no matter who I try I can’t find a good third.

I’ve tried Strange, mainly for XF3 sillyness and Spell of Vishanti punishes, this seems not too bad, but I feel he’s a little too vunerable and dare I say gimmicky? I know that’s not necessarily a bad thing in this game but I don’t like relying on it.

I’ve also tried Dorm but didn’t get on with him too much. Nova was pretty nice but i’m not sure where he fits in the team, I really want to avoid playing Wesker last too.

So yeah, any suggestions on a team mate for Wesker / Doom would be awesome and if you could give me examples on where they’d fit and how they’d synergize that’d be even better.


Hawkeye 3rd, so then you can have Doom Missile assist and Hawkeyes forward arrows for Wesker cross ups.

Doom/Sentinel is one of the best partnerships in the game, Wesker will be near unstoppable when he gets to choose from hidden missile and drones as his assists, while Doom benefits a lot from the drones. Doom/Strider is another option, Wesker can do a lot of dirty setups with the Vajira. You can also play Doom as an anchor and build a team around abusing teleport bullshit with beam assists, pairing Wesker with Dorm/Dante/Wolverine/Strange/Vergil in the first 2 slots.