UMvC3: A fighter for the 21st Century

A much controversial game here, UMvC3 is THE fighter of the 21st century. It bends skillful gameplay with simple inputs and controls, making for a game that is easy to jump into and play, but hard to truly master. Dectrators claim the game is too simple, too easy; I disagree. I feel this game has finally done what most fighters have set out to do this gen, and failed. Deep gameplay that emphasizes all the fundamentals and skills Mvc2 was lauded for, with an easier gameplay for the new generation. This game is much like a futuristic design of a classic car, sleek, powerful, and efficient. The constant complaints are drowned out by the clamorous praise the game gets by the majority, proving it to be a solid fighter and not a “casualized scrubfest” as some have been calling it. To these people I say:

If this game is casualized and “scrubby” as you say, then you should all be winning tournaments and beating top players; instead of whining on a forum about Wesker being “so OP!”

something tells me you’ve never played it online.

I don’t care if it’s a troll thread or even if (U)MVC3 is ““good”” or ““bad”” FG.
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut. Why you describe it in such trivial manner? Durr hurr “easy to play, but hard to master” hurr purr “ooosssoo deeep” herp herp. Even smash fans saying such tings about their party game.

Trivial? I called it as I see it. It has a lot of depth even though it has a simplified control scheme. It amazes me to see how many people were bashing the game for being too simple, yet I found plenty of depth in the game. It honestly just feels like the detractors believe if a fighter doesn’t have some complex control scheme or uses 6 buttons it’s somehow a shallow game. It’s sad really.

No matter how poor the game is, above a certain base level this is a ridiculous comment because the population that plays it stays the same. I can’t expect to beat Justin Wong at anything. Good troll post though, how long do you plan to stretch it out? I’ll keep checking in!

More internet psychology:

  1. Many people are bashing the game for being simple
  2. I’ve found plenty of depth
  3. Many people must be wrong because I am right, because otherwise they are implying I am stupid or less worthy.

The OP joined this website today and combined with his username, avatar, and posting it is pretty fucking clear that it is a troll account. What’s the matter, anime and limb combat gimmick accounts got too boring for you?

E for Effort.

False. If the game was as scrubby as so many claim, any moron would be able to jump into the game and beat someone like Wong, as a scrubby game would generally not reward skill, but dumb luck. The fact the top players remain at the top is proof. How come Noah didn’t get to face and beat Viscant, or Wong? How come none of these whiners are beating Viscant? Even better, the very same community who prides themselves on being hardcore and dealing with characters the way they were made, are running around crying over Wesker and teleports. As opposed to leveling up their game and getting better and dealing with that stuff, they’d rather come on forums or make youtube videos whining about how the game sucks, is total garbage, blah blah blah.

thats mind games: That’s real funny coming from someone whose entire gimmick was mocking David Sirlin, a well respected member of the fighting game community who actually contributed a lot. What have you contributed, besides false pride in being a “successful troll” mocking a successful person? Sirlin has a card game and is doing quite well for himself, what do you have going on in your life besides posting boring one liners not even suitable for a poorly written sitcom and trying to delude yourself into believing you’re even a worthy troll, let alone a worthwhile human being? All you’ve ever contributed to the FGC is a prime example of what NOT to be: a worthless troll who quite frankly isn’t even good at THAT either. Here’s a suggestion for you, level up your game, both at fighters and at trolling because you’re neither a jack of all trades or a master of anything.

Are you both the same guy

Reminder to the moderators that this poster did not refute my claim that he is both “Anime Thread Guy” and “Limb-based Combat Guy”. Thank you in advance for banning him.

I lost it.

I wish I thought of OP’s username when I joined SRK