UMVC3 Akuma buffs/nerfs thread

Didnt see a thread for this so far so i decided to make it for everyone since all the other threads have them. So far the only thing i can see that they have done with akuma is nerf the health, outside of that i havent seen any changes if you have any updates please post so we can update this on a regular basis


Akuma can now Demon Flip in the air, also has a throw to go with it


Health is reduced
Tatsu no longer has soft knockdown properties oppenent WILL air tech

Akuma can use Demon Flip in the air as well as on the ground, so you may want to add that to the buff list he’s gotten as of now.

Plus he has a demon flip grab as well now, so that should help him out as well.

Thanks i updated it, also do you have a link for this i would like to get some links to some videos so everyone can see and can start think of some more applications for this…Also does it let you cancel out of his air normals…That would be sick and could cause some even more disgusting mixups

Ill see if I can find some vids, but you know how it is with akuma, assist assist assist, not much point gameplay. As for your question, I see no reason why he won’t be able to cancel out of his air normals into it, it only makes sense. I wanna know if he will be able to perform more than just a fireball when he is in the air.

Thanks man and yea ppl only see him as assist when he is defintely much better then that

I thought I read somewhere that his assist was being nerfed (no longer a soft knockdown??) and that it is a lot harder to ground bounce (nearly impossible) with the demon flip xx downward kick.

Can anyone confirm?

I haven’t actually played UMVC or anything so I can’t comment on Demon Flip; but the assist nerf is no longer a soft knockdown.

From what I’ve seen in some streams, they just fall out in the air after the kicks are done.

Do you have a video to link us to with this information if its true i wanna see it?

A good example is around 59:44 to 59:50 here, so yea, this assist won’t be as useful in terms of extending combos as it was in the original MvC3.

Is Akuma going to lose all his Combos that involves Tatsu?

I think that’s just the assist. Haggar for one probably still has invincible/hard knockdown Lariat on point.

so much bullshit!

So whats up with his demon flip grab? It looks like capcom decided to take it out, that would be extremely disappointing since with that, other than air demon flip akuma pretty much only got nerfs. Oh well air demon flip seems to open up some interesting combo opportunities.

The thing about that is it was never seen on gameplay, that’s why i’ve been very skeptical about that demon flip grab being in unless i see it in action. So judging from what i’ve seen from Akuma (and i’ve watched a lot of matches featuring him), I doubt he’ll get a new move now. I haven’t seen the final version of the game yet but i’m still doubting he’ll receive that new command throw.

That’s why i never believe some of these rumors unless it’s seen in gameplay.

Well it was confirmed by nitsuma at sdcc or something so Im guessing it was originally in and they decided to take it out for balance reasons or something. Like amateratsu’s weapon changes, they were in, then out, then in again.

Wheres maxamillion at when you need him, i wish he would ASSIST ME in gettin answers to these buff/nerf questions for AKUMA

tatsu priority got decreased? that sucks all nerfs and only one buff (demon flip in air now)… whatever hes still gon be on my main team :smiley:
and i noticed there was nothing about a new demon flip grab move on the change log… does that mean he isn’t getting that new move? thats a bummer if so

He’s not getting a new move in the end, the only buff he really got other than mashable supers is Air Demon Flip. I’ll still use him though.

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